Oct 21, 2014 Choonster Release
Description This AddOn shows an image and plays a sound when you get a killing blow. When in a battleground, only killing blows on players are recorded; but all killing blows are recorded outside of battlegrounds. You can configure the AddOn by editing the options at the top of core.lua in a text editor. This lets you enable/disable the printing of your current KB total to the chat frame and choose whether the AddOn works everywhere or only in BGs. You can also change the texture and the...

Pet Battle Music

Oct 17, 2014 Choonster Release
Description This AddOn simply plays custom music (like Pokemon music) during pet battles. To add tracks, follow the instructions in music.lua. For copyright reasons I can't distribute any Pokemon music with this AddOn, but if you know of some suitable music with a permissive licence (or in the public domain), just leave a comment on Curse or WoW Interface and I'll see if I can package it with future releases. CAUTION: The included Populate_Music scripts will completely overwrite your existing...

Target Nameplate Indicator

Oct 17, 2014 Choonster Release
TargetNameplateIndicator attaches a texture to your target's nameplate to make them easier to spot. Version 1.10 now includes twenty textures: Red targeting reticule (the default texture, contributed by Dridzt of WoWI) Red arrow (contributed by DohNotAgain of WoWI) Neon versions of the reticule and arrow (contributed by mezmorizedck of Curse) Two red inverted triple chevrons (contributed by OligoFriends of Curse/WoWI) Red and green 3D arrows (contributed by OligoFriends of Curse/WoWI) Skull...

Orc Male Laugh Mute

Oct 16, 2014 Choonster Release
This is a single 0 byte file with a .ogg extension contained in the appropriate folder structure that overrides (and mutes) the sound made by male Orcs NPCs laughing. To install it, just extract the downloaded zip and copy/paste the Sound folder into the main WoW directory. If it asks if you want to merge folders, click Yes. Do not install via the MMOUI Minion or Curse Client as they will try to install this as an AddOn (which won't work). Thanks to Dliver for posting this thread asking for a...

Bulk Buy

Oct 16, 2014 Choonster Release
Bulk Buy lets you buy vendor items in quantities greater than a single stack using the default stack split frame (shown when you shift-click on a vendor item). Version 1.01 adds support for bulk buying of items that cost currencies other than gold. This includes both stackable (e.g. buying 50 Weak Flux, which stacks in lots of 20) and non-stackable items (e.g. buying 5 Mining Picks at once even though they don't stack). There is no in-game configuration, but if for some odd reason you need to...

World Map Ping Hider

Oct 15, 2014 Choonster Release
This is a small AddOn that hides the new "ping" animation that plays when you open the world map in 5.2. Inspired by this thread on the official UI and Macro forum.
Broker: Audio Hardware

Broker: Audio Hardware

Oct 15, 2014 Choonster Release
About Broker: Audio Hardware is a Data Broker plugin that allows you to view and change the audio output driver used by the game. You can download it from Curse or WoW Interface. You can view the source code on GitHub and find the latest alpha versions on CurseForge. Credits Thanks to Abracadaver for posting this thread on the official UI and Macro forum, which inspired me to write this AddOn.

Masque: Vista

Oct 15, 2014 Choonster Release
Description EN : Jiyll's skins for Masque based on Vista. FR : Skins de Jiyll pour Masque basées sur le thème de Vista. Features Separate gloss & textures sizes. Full color selection support. Supports debuff coloring. Installation Download this package. Extract it to your "World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns" directory. Note: You must have Masque installed to use this skin. Credits JJ Sheets for ButtonFacade (now Masque). My wife to support hobby.

Server Ignore

Aug 31, 2014 Choonster Release
This is a small AddOn that blocks any chat coming from people on servers that are on the AddOn's ignore list. It never blocks chat from your character's own server. Type /serverignore or /signore in-game to see usage instructions for the slash command.

Loot Won Alert Hider/Mover

Jan 06, 2014 Choonster Inactive
Hides and/or moves the new Loot Won alert frames. Slash commands: /lootwonhide or /lwh - Stop the alert frames from showing /lootwonshow or /lws - Allow the alert frames to show /lootwonlock or /lwl - Toggle the lock on the alert frames. The frames can be moved when unlocked. The movement feature is still in beta, some of the overlays don't show up properly (but the frames can still be moved and their positions saved). There are two variables that can be edited at the top of core.lua:...


Oct 11, 2013 Choonster Inactive
A Brief History When Cataclysm was released, Worgen (and probably Goblin) Warriors played their /roar emote sound when changing stances, using shouts and other cooldowns. In a later patch, this roaring was removed temporarily. Patch 4.2 then reinstated Goblin and Worgen roars and gave all other races a roar sound; but this was no longer played when using abilities. More recently, Yiffenstein posted a thread on the official forums asking for the roars to be brought back. In response to this, I...

Lightwell Buddy

Sep 12, 2013 nothingsknower Inactive
This addon allows you to personalize and randomize announcements for when someone uses your lightwell, wastes your lightwell, or when your lightwell has sat idle, expires or is summoned . A visible counter has been added to display the number of charges remaining. The addon now supports the lightspring glyph. Configuration options can be accessed in-game through the interface menu, right-clicking the lightwell counter graphic or by typing /lwb config or /lightwellbuddy config (Type /lwb to...


Sep 08, 2013 Choonster Inactive
Description LootPrice records how many of an item you loot and displays the total value based on a price you set. This value is displayed both when you loot the item (off by default) and when you use the /lp display command. You must add an item to the AddOn's database using the /lp add slash command for it to start recording the amount of the item you loot. Slash command usage: /lootprice or /lp command itemId price spam on|off - Enable/disable price messages when looting an item add itemId...

Pet Special Attack Button

Jun 21, 2013 Choonster Inactive
This AddOn allows you to use /click PetSpecialAttackButton in macros to use your current pet's special ability. It will probably work with Stampede. It can also update a macro's icon to show your current pet's special ability, just set your macro's name at the top of core.lua. The icon doesn't always update properly when you summon a pet for the first time, so you can use /psab_update or /psabu to manually trigger an icon update. It currently only works in English clients, but I can easily...

Jogu Predictions

Jun 14, 2013 Choonster Inactive
Description Jogu Predictions records Jogu the Drunk's current crop prediction when you speak to him and shares this with other users of the AddOn. This allows you to know his prediction without talking to him (which can save you some gold if you're not Best Friends with him), as long as someone else using the AddOn has talked to him and asked for his prediction recently. Version 1.1.0 saves Jogu's predictions between sessions, so once you've talked to Jogu on one character, you can view his...

Raid Boss Whisper Warning Mute

May 23, 2013 Choonster Release
This is a single 0 byte file with a .ogg extension contained in the appropriate folder structure that overrides (and mutes) the new "raid boss whisper" alert sound added in 5.3. To install it, just extract the downloaded zip and copy/paste the Sound folder into the main WoW directory. If it asks if you want to merge folders, click Yes. Do not install via the MMOUI Minion or Curse Client as they will try to install this as an AddOn (which won't work). Thanks to Ro for finding the name of this...


Oct 20, 2012 Choonster Planning
This is an AddOn designed to translate common phrases from various languages into your own language. When you type {{ followed by part of a phrase in the chat editbox, an auto-complete menu will appear with phrases that start with the phrase you've typed. When you select one of these, it will be added to the chat message. This phrase will then be substituted for a unique identifier before the message is sent. When a message with one of these unique identifiers is displayed in your chat frame,...

Custom Combat Sounds

Sep 21, 2012 Choonster Inactive
Version 2.0 is here! Version 2.0 has been rewritten around Ace3 and now supports more events with a more complex sound file format. I recommend you delete any previous copies of the AddOn and its saved variables to ensure a smooth installation. Description Custom Combat Sounds plays sounds on various combat events. This AddOn does not currently come with any sounds. If you wish to add sounds, place them in the "CustomCombatSounds\Sounds\" directory. Sounds must be in .ogg or .mp3 format and...