merged Flask Check

Feb 01, 2011 Cheriekeks Inactive
merged Flask Check As many of you might know the Guild Cauldrons provide us with 7 (the small) and 17 (the big) Flasks of Battle. It is possible to take a flask, drink it and take another one out of the cauldron. The second flask, which someone else should have gained is gone, to prevent this I made merged Flask Check! It simply waits for the loot event, and sends a message via the addon channel, all users with the addon get informed who took the flask out of the cauldron, of course everyone...
Voice Server Print GUI


Apr 02, 2011 Cheriekeks Inactive
Voice Server Print Welcome to Voice Server Print, this Addon allows you to Link your Voice Server Informations by clicking a simple Button. It stores your typed IP, Port and Password beetween Sessions, Characters and Realms. No need for Teamspeak Makros anymore. LDB / Minimap Icon Support Beta 1.2: Added Blizzard options Menu to change values of the voiceserver Beta 1.3: Disabled Party Button in Raid / BG Added Option to shorten the message to IP:PORT Added Check whether you are promoted to...