Jan 21, 2013 Carsight Inactive
Greatly extended UnitPopup Menus when you click your UnitFrame such as "target" with right button Unique features Desined for all UnitFrames. So it should be compatible with all UnitFrames.. If there is one which isn't compatible with me, Tell me When you click with a pet or a companion , It will show the menu of it's master... MenuOptions Copy name in your Mailbox or ChatFrame Copy Armory url in you ChatFrame Guild Invite and leaves Target and Focus the unit out of combat some other options


Feb 13, 2013 warbaby Inactive
Reduce the chance that talent switching be forbidden. These codes are based on very hard work of reviewing Blizzard's source code and testing taint status. The cause of the failure is rather complicated. As far as we know, there are 3 reasons at least. 1. Addon calls ToggleTalentFrame() to open talent panel. 2. Addon calls StaticPopup_Show() 3. Addon use UIFrameFlash() 4. Addon use ChatFrame_AddMessageEventFilter (related to reason 3.) This addon can fix reason 1, 2 and 4. But for reason 3,...