Dec 08, 2012 Beutju Release
A friend of me asked me about a simple invite addon that would let him invite people that whisper him a certain keyword. Most addons out there do lots of stuff additional to that or don't work anymore so I wrote my own. It will invite anyone that whispers you with the default keyword of "inviteme" - you can change this in the .lua if you want to. It will automatically convert your party to a raid, when there are already five people in your group.


Aug 30, 2012 Beutju Inactive
This addon will show all Raid-IDs and Lockouts in a new frame, that is much bigger than the standard frame. You can see all IDs in just one frame. Also extends the standard frame to show the maximum of seven IDs at the same time. You can copy the ID for writing GM tickets. You can use /ri or /rie to show the new window, or just use the 'blizzard way' via the social frame.


Aug 30, 2012 Beutju Inactive
This little improvement adds buttons to the targeting frame when a friendly player is selected. Basicly it's meant to replace the right click menu with easily accessible one click buttons, so the buttons in the first version are: invite, follow, trade, whisper, duel, inspect. Use /tbopt ingame to get a window with available options. This addon has been originally coded by QuippeR; I just have taken over to fix some things.


Aug 29, 2012 Beutju Inactive
I created this addon to be a very lightweight replacement for the outfitter option to switch equip, when you enter a city. So when you enter a city, your equip will change from "normal" to "city". In order to get it work, you have to enable the blizzard built in equipment manager (Interface options -> Controls) and then make two sets: one called normal and one called city. You can create sets with the button in the upper right corner of your character screen If you want to change the...


Aug 29, 2012 Beutju Inactive
Ever died from flying afk through Northrend and ended at the Spirit Healer because your body lies in the dephts of the ocean? After I had a few hundred gold repair costs because of this, I decided to make this addon. So here it is - It gives a sound warning, when you get the exhaustion/fatigue 'debuff' - you will also hear it when you disabled sounds. Nothing to configure. Thanks to #wowace @ freenode and taleden


Jan 27, 2010 Beutju Inactive
This addon switches to FFA loot when in quest areas of Argent Tournament Quests, like "Deathspeaker's Watch" "Hrothgar's Landing" "Mistcaller's Cave" "Bor's Fury" "The Wavecrest" "The Firehawk" This is mainly for people, who often do those quests together with some others and don't want to switch the loot method manually.

Mail Icon (Delete/Return)

Nov 01, 2008 Beutju Inactive
This addon shows a new icon in the mail frame, that indicates whether the mail will be deleted or returned. Parts of the code were taken from OfflineMail, that unfortunately seems to be discontinued.