Jan 25, 2015 Azmaedus Release
GarrisonJukeBox This addon lets you select (from the World of Warcraft embedded music files) a list of music that will either play inline or randomly while in one of the zones you selected in your zone list. (by default, Lunarfall and Frostwall are added) Not all music is entered yet, almost... I'm working on it. If you would like to add music to this addon, you can request it via the wowace ticket system. Because several zones have multiple music files, I suggest anyone creating a ticket to...


Jan 25, 2015 Azmaedus Alpha
LibFrameX-1.0 lets you create your frames dynamically and handles most of the function calls for you. Documentation pending... Example: local LFX = LibStub("LibFrameX-1.0") local lfxt = { { root = true, -- creates the frame but doesn't draw any backdrop ftype = "Frame", -- type of frame name = "BG", -- name of the frame rgba = {r = 0, g = 0, b = 0, a = 0.7}, - backdrop color dim = {w = 200, h = 27, s = 1}, -- dimenssions pos = {x = 0, y = 0, a = "TOPLEFT", r = UIParent, rp = "CENTER"}, --...
Premo Power Image 1

Premo Power

Jan 25, 2015 Azmaedus Release
PremoPower 2.0 beta This addon displays Paladin Holy Power, Priest Evangelism & Shadow Orbs, Monk Chi, and Rogue Combo Points in a simple and easy for the eyes frame. PremoPower can be placed anywhere on the screen. Instructions ============ To move PremoPower hold down ALT+RightMouseButton on the frame and drag. Slash Command /ppower (work in progress) arguments (to be added) --------------- options - Show the options window (/ppower options) show - Show the bar (/ppower show) hide - hide...