Item Level

Sep 01, 2014 Asixandur Release
Have you ever asked why doesn't your item level go up? This add-on will show with a minimal user interface your item level with some decimal digits so that you can see when the item level will go up. This add-on is a Titan Panel Plugin and it requires titan installed.
Main Frames

X-Perl UnitFrames

Sep 24, 2014 Zeksie Release
Bug Reporting Please use the Ticketing System on WoWAce Here and avoid posting bugs using comments on Curse because they're difficult to track and they will probably get lost. Use a good error catcher (like BugSack from and provide the full error text, and give as much information as possible to recreate the problem. Don't assume We know what you're talking about with some three word report. Introduction Perl, with Extra stuff. Much enchanced from Nymbia's Perl UnitFrames,...