Main Frames

X-Perl UnitFrames

Oct 18, 2014 Zeksie Release
Patch 6.0.2 compatibility Use latest alpha from WoWAce for using in Patch 6.0.2 Until we pushed a proper release version if it become more stable. May still has problems but for most cases it should be working(at least was tested on beta), if not, clearing old setting by killing(and backup) XPerlxxxxxxx.lua in the WTF directory of your WoW installlation and try again with fresh new default setting, thanks your patience. Bug Reporting Please use the...

Item Level

Sep 01, 2014 Asixandur Release
Have you ever asked why doesn't your item level go up? This add-on will show with a minimal user interface your item level with some decimal digits so that you can see when the item level will go up. This add-on is a Titan Panel Plugin and it requires titan installed.