QA Manager

Oct 17, 2010 AsaAyers Alpha
QA Manager will automatically keep your QuickAuctions settings up to date by keeping them relative to some other number. For example, it might keep your fallback price at 115% of market value.


Nov 15, 2010 AsaAyers Alpha
This addon will update your macros to always point at your tank, based on assigned party roles or manual selection. Basic usage /assist party2 #tank=party2 In this macro 'party2' will be updated to point at your current tank based on the party roles. If you want to manually set who is the tank (if your party isn't using the party roles, or if you are in a raid with more than one tank) target the tank, then type: /ts set


Apr 17, 2012 AsaAyers Planning
Have you ever wanted to know exactly how much you have invested into each item you sell? This addon keeps track of all of the ways you might spend money on material. Money spent/gained at auction house Money spent/gained at vendors Money spent on postage Money spent/gained trading with other players (Coming Soon) Money gained selling items to other players through COD mail (Coming Soon) Not only does it keep track of how much money you spent on materials, but it also transfers that money when...

KevTool Queue

Sep 23, 2013 alisonnic Inactive
Note: Kevmar, the original author, has kindly allowed me to take over maintenance of KTQ. For WoW 5.3, I have made a few changes: KTQ now works with either Skillet or GnomeWorks Tradeskill Frame. KTQ will now correctly queue enchants. A new shorter command allows fitting more commands into a single macro. A thousand thank yous to Kevmar for his excellent work in developing this terrific addon! -Alisonnic From Kevmar: If you have tried to recreate some of the processes I do in my glyph factory...