Raid Target Icons & Flares

Mar 04, 2013 Aporakh Release
A simple raid target and flare marker you can move anywhere you want, set horizontally or vertically, with an auto fade when the mouse is not over. By default the flare module is switch on auto. RaidTargetIcon commands : /rti <argument> #value <horizontal> : switch to horizontal mode. <vertical> : switch to vertical mode. <minalpha> #value(>0 and <1) : set minimum alpha (no mouse over). <maxalpha> #value(>0 and <1) : set maximal alpha (mouse over). <scale> #value(>0) : set scale. (default...


Mar 03, 2013 Aporakh Release
This is a simple taunt register that keep in memory the last 10 taunts. It show in real time taunts and it can link, 10 or less, last taunts in multi channels. Commands : /ts <argument> #value - <link> #value[1-10] : link last [1-10] taunt(s). - <channel> : Open channel configuration.


Aug 15, 2011 Aporakh Inactive
Like SolarianAlarm in Burning Crusade with Astromancian Wrath it turn your screen red if you get Rotface's Mutated Infection.

Putricide UnboundPlague

Aug 14, 2011 Aporakh Inactive
Manager for Plague on Putricide encounter. You can manage 14 players or less to creat a rotation with the plague. Create your list verticaly then click "Validate", you can link the list in raid alert with "Link" When your list is created and the fight started, it will automaticaly whisp the next player not infected by PlagueSickness in your list. If the next player in the list is yet infected by PlagueSickness, it jump automaticaly to the next player in the list. Commands : /ub show/hide...