May 01, 2015 Andols Beta
Enables you move the order of your reputation categories. You can only move the categories not the individual reputations. (Might get added in the future) Similar to CurrencySorter.

Garrison Shuffle

Apr 18, 2015 Andols Release
Adds a Shuffle button to your Garrison Jukebox Press Shuffle to play a random song. You can also sort the list in Alphabetical order


Apr 18, 2015 Andols Release
Adds buttons to make you change order of the categories on your currency window.

Ashran group organizer

Feb 23, 2015 Andols Release
Ashran Group Organizer is a tool for everyone doing ashran. Features Auto invite when entering Ashran (1 other from your server needs to have this addon for this to work) Auto invite from General/LocalDefence chat to your group. Interface for leaders to help with kicking offline players and that have left Ashran Type /Ago in chat to change between grouptype: Main. The main Tug of War group, invite the most Private. Auto invite off. Event. Only invite if someone types event or rare. Work in...


Feb 23, 2015 Andols Release
Enhances the function of the standard bag search field. You can now also search for. Armor type Armor slot Stats Item Level A combination of the above
Dungeon Statistics


Dec 18, 2014 Andols Release
Keeps track of witch dungeon you are getting when doing random dungeons. Keeps track of which Battleground you are getting when doing random Battleground. Keeps track of Win/Loss in battlegrounds.