Sep 02, 2012 azelkeeber Inactive
Make sure you swap to the MoP version of this addon. MoP version available: GridStatusRaidDebuff MoP Adds a status to Grid for debuffs applied by Raid Bosses. You either need to install one of these zone packs or turn on "Detect New Debuff" to detect new zones and new debuffs in those zones otherwise the addon does nothing. Cataclysm Raid Debuff List GridStatusRD_Cata Wrath of the Lich King Raid Debuff List GridStatusRD_WotLK The Burning Crusade Raid Debuff List GridStatusRD_BC How do I get...


Jan 18, 2011 Alakabaster Inactive
Important: This addon has been superseeded by Druid Mastery. I will not develop this any further, and everybody interested in the restodruid's mastery should switch. This addon aims to help at evaluating the restodruid's mastery. It counts all healing spells done and checks if the mastery bonus was applied to the spell, and outputs a list of spells with those numbers. Usage: /mc to print out the list with the counts /mc reset to reset the counters to 0 Nothing else to be done, just install...


Oct 20, 2010 Alakabaster Inactive
This plugin adds a status "Namelist" to grid. Its main configuration option is a list of names (separated by commas) of people to get assigned this status. It can be used to mark tanks or other special people in grid. Other than the usual configuration options and the list there are 2 buttons: "Clear" clears the list, "Add target" adds the current target to the list, to avoid tedious typing. Credit goes out to the author(s) of GridStatusHots, which used as a blueprint for this plugin. Special...