Sep 12, 2013 0wn3d Release
7/21/2013 Update: I've returned to WoW and will now be maintaining RecountCC again! The latest version includes some fixes for pets, along with a new section in recount for CC taken (similar to Damage Taken vs Damage in Recount). As usual make a ticket if a spell is missing. Shows the number of Crowd Control effects that a player has used, and who they have used them on. For most AoE CC effects (For example Psychic Scream) it will count each player it affects rather than the number of times...
Stealthed Enemies List Example

BG Stealth

Oct 28, 2011 0wn3d Inactive
Shows the names of stealthed players in a battleground, intended for Rated Battlegrounds (So you know if you have to worry about a stealthed player ninja'ing a node) The frame will automatically show/hide if you are in a battleground, and can be moved by left clicking and dragging. Type /bgs for options. Coming Soon: Mage Invis Detection.
HudMap Options Window

HudMap Cataclysm Encounters

Oct 17, 2011 0wn3d Inactive
HudMap Required! This addon is a module to HudMap that will add Cataclysm Encounters to HudMap. HudMap is required for this addon to function. Important Requires the latest version of HudMap! "Red" Options Any options that are red are untested, experimental, or unfinished. Use them at your own risk (Note: Very unlikely that anything bad will happen from these, and enabling them will help test them). These options will always be disabled by default. Also note that release versions may contain...
Totem Radii


Jul 25, 2011 Antiarc Inactive
HudMap is still beta! I'd love for people to start using it, chewing on it, trying it out. Tell me what you like, what you don't, what breaks, and what you'd like to see. Bugs are to be expected, though it's fairly stable at this point. There are a lot of directions that the mod could go, and I'd love feedback. Additionally, if you play WoW in a non-English language, you're invited to help by localizing HudMap into your client's language. We need translators! What is it? HudMap is an addon...