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Tardis full server log Apr 27, 2015 issuegaming Java
27.04 09:21:00 [Server] INFO No plot conversion needed
27.04 09:21:00 [Server] INFO Checking if conversion to UUID needed...
27.04 09:20:59 [Server] INFO No new version available
27.04 09:20:59 [Server] INFO No update was found.
Server log TARDIS Apr 27, 2015 issuegaming Java
26.04 22:47:47 [Server] ERROR Error occurred while enabling TARDIS v3.2.11-b1209 (Is it up to date?)
26.04 22:47:47 [Server] INFO Enabling TARDIS v3.2.11-b1209
26.04 22:47:47 [Server] INFO [WARNING]:Did not disable successfuly! Please check above errors.
26.04 22:47:47 [Server] INFO [WARNING]: 
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Dumpfile: jobs_jobs Apr 26, 2015 kikelkik MySQL
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Dale Effects Apr 25, 2015 3yks XML
    <CEffectCreatePersistent id="GurneyA">
        <ValidatorArray value="CasterIsNotHidden"/>
        <EditorCategories value="Race:Terran"/>
        <WhichLocation Value="TargetUnit"/>
Dale Apr 25, 2015 3yks XML
<!-- Dale Gurney -->
        <EffectArray Operation="Set" Reference="Weapon,GurneyWeapon1,Icon" Value="Assets\Textures\"/>
        <EffectArray Operation="Set" Reference="Weapon,GurneyWeapon1,Level" Value="3"/>
        <EffectArray Operation="Add" Reference="Effect,GurneyG1,Amount" Value="4"/>