Subversion Rollbacks for a Subset of Repositories

Due to some unforseen complications during a routine maintenance, we've had to temporarily disable access to subversion repositories in order to do rollbacks on a subset of repositories.

Update 12:42am CST / 06:42 UTC:

All affected repositories have been restored to their latest backups from this sunday and access to repositories have been restored. Unfortunately, that is the most recent backup we have where we know the issue not to be present. All affected repositories have had their UUID changed, so you will have to do a fresh checkout. This was done to prevent any corruption of server side repositories, due to limitations in how svn handles revisions.

The easiest way to restore any commits made since sunday is take your old checkout, remove the .svn folder(s) and copy it on top of the fresh checkout, and then commit it.

We're very sorry about this situation, and are still investigating what went wrong during the maintenance to cause this.

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