Introducing Email Subscriptions

In a continued effort to make the sites content more accessible and usable we're launching update subscriptions via email. Until recently keeping tabs on your project (or other projects you're interested in) has been a fairly manual task. Now we have two systems in place to make this easier.

The first being the RSS feeds we launched last week, but now in addition to them we have a email based subscription service.

A quick rundown of how they work:

1. You subscribe via a project's Manage Subscriptions url (i.e.'s Subscriptions) to any of the available subscriptions.

2. Each subscription has delivery and frequency options.

3. You will then receive updates as you've specified.

A couple of notes:

  • "Real Time" currently has a slight bit of entropy in it, if this is confusing or undesirable it can be moved.
  • "Suprise Me" is a random time, its more of a 'fun' feature but still should be useful.
  • It is recommended that you put [email protected] in your address book or contact list to help ensure that you receive updates to your inbox. This is especially important for certain services such as Hotmail and Windows Live Mail.
  • There are currently three subscriptions available. with more to be introduced this week.
    • Files Updates
    • Comments on the Project
    • Ticket Updates (including comments)

Other future plans include:

Please vote on the above linked tickets to signify their importance to you.

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Date created
Jun 23, 2008
Last updated
Aug 28, 2008