Rewards Program Terms Change

Posted by Kaelten Nov 30, 2009 at 19:49 UTC

Recently we became aware of a needed change in how we've been handling payments to international authors.

While we'll still not need to withhold anything, we do need to start collecting a W-8BEN for any Non-US Citizen who wishes to redeem more than $600 worth of points a year. More information can be found [[kb:store/tax-information/|here]] and [[kb:store/international-taxes|here]].

Nothing has changed for US Citizens. We still need a valid W-9 on file if a US Citizen wishes to redeem more than $600 worth of points a year. More information regarding this form can be found [[kb:store/domestic-taxes|here]].

I hope that these knowledge base pages will help people understand more about why we need these forms and how to get them to us. If there are any concerns or questions we'll do our best to address them.

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Curse Looking To Hire .Net and PHP Developers! Passion For Gaming Required!

Posted by ckknight Oct 27, 2009 at 20:26 UTC

Curse is looking to hire a few new developers; and where better to hire than our own super-hecka awesome gaming community! We're looking for a .Net Web Developer and a PHP Web Developer. The requirements can be seen at the links below, but one of the most important things here at Curse is passion. Passion for what we do and what we're trying to build. If you're eager and have the knowledge required we'd love to hear from you!

PHP Developer Position Details:

Curse, Inc is seeking a talented PHP web developer to join its Huntsville-based team, for the ongoing development of Curse's PHP based fan site network. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone with a passion for online gaming, and an interest in continuing development on some of the web's most popular sites.

Click here for more information on the PHP Developer Position.

.Net Position Details:

Curse, Inc is seeking a talented .Net web developer to join its Huntsville-based team, for the ongoing development of Curse's web platform. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone with a passion for online gaming, and an interest in developing the world's leading online gaming portal.

Click here for more information on the .Net Developer Position.

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Curse Client v4 (PC) - Early Access Beta

Posted by Adamar Sep 03, 2009 at 21:43 UTC

I am very proud to announce the official launch of Curse Client v4 Early Access Beta!

The New Client is Born

After the launch of Curse Client 3.0, we began taking notes on the most frequent user requests, complaints, and general feedback. The result of this feedback is version 4. In development since May, version 4 of the Curse Client has been redesigned from the ground up. Written in C# and utilizing Microsoft WPF technology, the Curse Client now sports a modern user interface and an entirely new set of features.

  • AddonSync - Keep your addons in sync across multiple game installs and computers. Backup and restore addon settings, automatically.
  • UI Wizard - Create your own UI packs, and share them with your friends.
  • Addon Icons - All addons now have icons for better identification and visual feedback.
  • Integrated Bug Reporting - To assist authors in identifying issues and handling feature requests, the new Curse Client now includes an integrated bug reporting module.
  • New Scanning Technology - Checking for addon updates now only takes a couple of seconds, and uses a fraction of the CPU as version 3.
  • Small Memory Footprint - The new client has been optimized to fit within a tiny 1 to 3 megabyte footprint (when idle) and 1 megabyte when trayed.
  • Better Customization - Choose the information you want to see in your addons list, the number of simultaneous downloads and even your UI theme (two in beta, with more to come).
  • Better Searching - Search addons by name, category and author, instantly.
  • Better Security - The Curse Client is now digitally signed by VeriSign to ensure authenticity. Additionally, all client-to-server communication has been secured with HTTPS-level encryption.

Below are instructions for how you can get into the early access beta, as well as screenshots showcasing the new client.

A native, Cocoa-based Mac client has also been in development, and will soon be entering beta.

Installing the Beta

Simply download the installer from and run it. The installer will verify a compatible version of .Net is on your computer, and update it if necessary. Depending on what version of .Net is installed on your computer, this process can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

How to Report Bugs & Feedback

Please report all bugs using the integrated bug reporting tool. This will automatically include a snapshot of the Curse Client log data, as well as your operating system information. We're excited to hear what you think about the new Curse Client.

Curse Client v4 Screenshots

Redesigned User Interface

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Curse Client v4 - Home Screen


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Curse Client v4 - AddonSync

Customizable List Columns

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Curse Client v4 - Customizable Columns

UI Wizard

View Full Size

Curse Client v4 - UI Wizard

Integrated Bug Reporting

View Full Size

Curse Client v4 - Integrated Bug Reporting

New Search Tools

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Curse Client v4 - Full Text Search

Redesigned Find New Addons Interface

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Curse Client v4 - New Find Interface

Integrated Download Manager

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Curse Client v4 - Download Manager

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BlizzCon 2009

Posted by ckknight Aug 21, 2009 at 02:08 UTC

Hey beautiful people, ckknight here.

Got into Anaheim this morning. This'll be my first year going to BlizzCon and I'm hoping for a good time.

Kaelten's also here, though he's been here a few times before.

I'm gonna try to keep you all posted if there are any UI-based changes on the horizon that come out of the con. For general speculation and non-UI info, I'm sure World of Raids, Arena Junkies, or will have info.

Also, if anyone else is here at BlizzCon, feel free to make a comment. It's kind of hard telling who everyone is without names floating above their heads.

Went to the UI Dinner at Bubba Gump's, jointly sponsored by Curse and WoWInterface, and had a good time. My birthday's on Saturday, so someone had the nerve to get all the waitstaff to sing a birthday song. I was very confused during it, which I blame partially on the lack of clarity by the main waiter, and also due to the Bacardi 151 I had downed a few minutes prior. A lot of authors came out to it, which was definitely cool.

Saw the opening ceremony and the WoW Cataclysm discussion, here's some various UI-related points:

  • New classes with existing races, this shouldn't really affect UI too much.
  • New races: Worgen (Alliance) and Goblin (Horde).
  • New zones and revamps for existing zones. This will probably affect map mods. The revamps to the existing zones will probably affect questing addons (e.g. TourGuide or QuestHelper).
  • Terrain phasing. I'm not sure if this will affect the map, but it might. I can see it at least affect some quest-related addons.
  • Guild leveling/talents/achievements. I can see a lot of potential mods pertaining to this.
  • Secondary profession, Archaeology, and Path of the titans, an alternate progression system. Also a lot of potential here.

From the SC2 + panel:

  • They talked about cross-character achievements and cross-game achievements.
  • Map publishing directly to, which kinda defeats the user distribution from SC2Mapster, so we're just gonna refocus it to be dev-oriented. Focus more on the wiki, forums, and project management rather than direct user distribution.
  • Premium maps. Allowing certain maps to be pay-for. This could be a good thing, but I think that the majority of maps are going to be free anyway. I know I'm going to be making free maps and I don't have any plans to make for-pay maps.

Some more points, after seeing the class panel:

  • mp5, defense, armor penetration, attack power, and spell power are going away, and they're emphasizing the primary stats more.
  • Archaeology is a gathering spec that all classes can take. Once you get enough of a certain type of item, you can go through some process (a minigame was hinted) to combine them to get an item, a recipe, or even an instant dungeon portal.
  • Warlock soul shard mechanism is changing. Shards are generated automatically outside of combat (it seemed like). Only one spell requires soul shards, called Soul Burn, that made your next cast more powerful. e.g. instant cast or more powerful or better in some way. This seemed to be similar to DK runes in that you can only have 3 (hinted at 4 with a talent) and they regenerate. Something for unit frames to work with.
  • Hunters are losing mana and instead getting focus. If anyone remembers WoW Alpha, this might bring back some memories.
  • Skill ranks are going away. Instead of getting new ranks of skills, each level after gaining a skill, it becomes slightly more powerful.

  • Talent UI is becoming 3-paned.
  • Glyph UI is changing drastically. Mostly additions for the path of the titans.
  • Guild UI is changing drastically.
  • Looking for guild. This means a new interface for guild leaders as well as people looking for guilds.
  • Cross-server LFG. This is meant for PUGs.
  • Rated battlegrounds mean a new PvP frame.
  • Achievement frame now has guild achievements. When getting a guild achievement, it looks different from a regular achievement, too.
  • Guild currency. As a guild gets XP, it's immediately converted to currency, which can be spent on recipes, heirlooms, etc. I can see a lot of potential addons for tracking this kind of stuff.
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WoW 3.2.2 on the PTR

Posted by Ackis Aug 18, 2009 at 21:49 UTC

3.2.2 is now on the PTR. Patch notes are as follows:


  • The Brood Mother Returns
    • After years of lurking in her lair battling the many brave adventurers who travelled from afar to challenge her, Onyxia returns to commemorate World of Warcraft’s five-year anniversary.
      • Onyxia has been scaled to offer new challenges to level 80 players and is now available for testing in 10- and 25- player modes.
      • Adjustments have been made to the encounter to keep it fit for modern raiding, but the fundamental experience of fighting the Brood Mother will remain, as will the horror of the Deep Breaths!
      • Some classic items Onyxia offered level 60 players will have their stats adjusted appropriately for level 80 players.
      • Brood of Onyxia, a very rare 310%-speed mount modeled after Onyxia herself will be available for the luckiest of challengers.
  • Copied Test Realm characters will no longer be copied with their achievement history in order to better facilitate the character copy process.

Death Knights


  • Gnaw: This death knight ghoul ability now has a 1-minute cooldown.



  • Balance
    • Moonkin Form: This form now also reduces the damage the druid takes while stunned by 15%.
    • Typhoon: The knockback distance from this spell has been increased to match Thunderstorm.
  • Feral Combat
    • Predatory Strikes: This talent now also causes the druid’s finishing moves to provide a 7/13/20% chance per combo point to make the next Nature spell with a cast time below 10 seconds instant cast.


  • Arcane Blast: The buff from using this ability now stacks up to 4 times instead of 3, and each application increases mana cost by 130% instead of 200%.


  • Arcane
    • Missile Barrage: The effect from triggering this talent now removes the mana cost of Arcane Missiles. In addition, the chance for Arcane Blast to trigger this talent is now 8/16/24/32/40%. All other listed spells continue to have a 4/8/12/16/20% chance to trigger it.


  • Righteous Fury: The bonus threat from Holy spells caused by this talent has been reduced from 90% to 80%.


  • Protection
    • Judgements of the Just: The reduction in cooldown to Hammer of Justice provided by this talent has been reduced to 5/10 seconds instead of 10/20 seconds.
    • Touched by the Light: This talent now provides 20/40/60% of the paladin’s strength as spell power instead of 10/20/30% of the paladin’s stamina.
  • Retribution
    • Seal of Command: This ability now chains to strike up to 2 additional targets when it is triggered by an attack.


  • Fan of Knives: The damage done by this ability has been reduced by 30%.


  • Combat
    • Throwing Specialization: This talent no longer causes Fan of Knives to interrupt spellcasting.
  • Subtlety
    • Honor Among Thieves: A 1-second cooldown is now enforced on how often a rogue can gain combo points from his party via this talent.

Dungeons & Raids

Shadowfang Keep

  • Wailing Guardsman: Screams of the Past will no longer have multiple applications on a target. Recast time has been increased.



  • Glyph of Mind Flay: This glyph no longer reduces the magnitude of the movement reduction on the Mind Flay victim.

User Interface

Bug Fixes

  • Balance of Power: Misleading tooltip reworded. The tooltip previously reported an incorrect value for the increased chance to hit with spells. The actual benefit of the talent is unchanged.
  • Divine Aegis: Ranks 1 and 2 now work with Holy Nova.
  • Trap Mastery: Tooltip now states the correct amount of snakes summoned.
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