Cataclysm Beta Keys for Authors

Posted by Kaelten Jul 12, 2010 at 22:40 UTC

As we all know Cataclysm has entered beta. For expansions past we've been able to offer our authors beta access. I'm glad to say that thanks to Blizzard we're able to do the same again this year.

To be considered eligible for this you must have a valid active addon on either or We will be activating a new item on the rewards store (it won't cost any points!) soon that you'll need to go in and order to request a key.

We will then be fulfilling orders as quickly as we can receive keys.

Just so everyone is aware, addons are currently disabled in the latest builds of the beta and will likely remain that way for some time as the default ui gets the kinks worked out. While this will limit the toying with the API it will still let everyone test out the default UI, and have fun exploring the new content.

Have fun, happy questing and testing!

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Blizzard to start throttling inspect requests

Posted by Kaelten Jun 24, 2010 at 19:31 UTC

I've received word that after the next set of rolling restarts, which may be happening as early as tonight, inspection requests on other players will start to be throttled.

This is being done because some addons generate a large number of inspection requests, so beware as some addons may start to behave unexpectedly, flat out break, or otherwise act up. Overall I hope it not to be too bad, but you never know, so here's the heads up.

Addon authors may need to restructure their addon so that they may _never_ receive a response back from a request. We may be seeing several second long intervals between allowed requests, and as I said, some request will likely never be answered.

If I hear any more details I'll update the post.

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Updated: Point generation is back with new features

Posted by Ackis Jun 18, 2010 at 10:49 UTC


This morning I restarted point generation, you may not notice much difference in the points you receive right now, however things will continue to be shifting around as time continues.

Also, point generation is at this point completely up to date. If you go back and count you'll see that there is a point batch for every day in the month even if they were ran on the wrong day. In future months we'll no longer have a big delay waiting on budgeting, and we can expect the points generated to shift day to day to accommodate changes.

Finally, I think everyone will appreciate the new display in the rewards point log, It's now per-day instead of per-project-per-day. You can click on the details link and see the breakdown per project.

As usual there is always a chance that something could be off with the new code, I'll be keeping an eye on it and respond to any issues as they arise.

Have a good week,


Happy Friday everyone.

We all love our Curse Author Reward Points, and there's some good news. The system is being reworked, upgraded and made fancier, however that means that points will be not be generated for a few days.

When the upgrades are complete, any missing point generations will be run.

There have also been a few erroneous point generations, and once the system does restart, there may be lower points for the first little bit to make up for those point generations.

Also, authors should note that the system will be more dynamic to accurately reflect addon popularity.

Sorry for any inconvenience that this causes, but rest assured that the system will be up and running again soon.

Now there's some more good news for everyone. There have been some changes to the back end of the site to speed things up. You may have noticed the site being more responsive. That's due to quite a few back end optimizations that have been worked on over the past week or so.

Another new feature that has been released to everyone is project based forums. These were in beta for quite some time, but have now been opened up to everyone. You should be able to access them via a link in the project management section, or something like

Take care and have a great weekend.

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Server Maintenance Window

Posted by Kaelten Jun 15, 2010 at 22:01 UTC

Hi guys,

We're going to be doing a brief server maintenance in a few moments during which the main site will be unreachable, the repositories will still be up and working.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: and we're backup, sorry for the downtime there guys :)

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Warning: New Flash / Reader Vulnerability

Posted by Kaelten Jun 07, 2010 at 16:08 UTC

Today a new Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader exploit became public knowledge. It's actively being exploited, and we could all be targets.


Adobe has announced that an exploitable flaw in Adobe Reader 9.x, Acrobat 9.x, and Flash 9.x and 10.x has been discovered and is being actively exploited. Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux versions are all affected. The flaw allows arbitrary code execution by attackers, and hence it is deemed "critical."

Read the full article at ArsTechnica

The article linked provides some details on how to protect yourself. But in summary, there is no current fix from Adobe. Downgrading to Reader 8.x can save you there, and apparently updating to the latest 10.1 beta of flash can help, but that seems scary in it's own right.

If you don't have an authenticator already, we'd recommend getting one. Pick your flavor:

Be safe guys.

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