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Skillet: A trade skill window replacement

Skillet is a replacement for the default tradeskill and craft UI, originally based on Advanced Trade Skill Window, by Slarti.

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  • Larger the the standard tradeskill window
  • Built-in queue for creating multiple, different items
  • User editable list of notes attached to reagents and crafted items.
  • Automatically buy reagents for queued recipes when visiting a vendor
  • Recipes can be filtered by name, whether or not you could level when creating the item, and whether or not you have the mats available.
  • If you can craft a reagent needed by a recipe, then clicking on that reagent will take you to its recipe (same features as Reverse Engineering.
  • Queued items are saved when you log out and are restored on log in
  • If the item to be crafted requires a minimum level to use, that level can be displayed along with the recipe (disabled by default)
  • The shopping list of items needed for all queued recipes for all alts can be displayed at banks, auction houses, or from the command line
  • Items needed for crafting queued items can be automatically retrieved from your bank or guild bank (by using the shopping list)
  • Sorting of recipes (name, difficulty, level, and quality of crafted item)
  • Complete or mostly complete localizations for deDE, esES, frFR, ruRU, koKR, zhCN, zhTW.
  • Tracking inventory on alternate characters
  • Item tooltips can be set to display the list of alternate characters that can craft the item.
  • Custom filtering of recipes (have mats, have mats in bank, min level/max level, etc)
  • Custom grouping


  • 2.63
    • Bump Skillet database version.
    • Add slash command to reinitialize Skillet database.
    • Add persistent bank storage.
    • Reagent Bank added (treat it as just another bank bag).
    • Use bank reagents when processing queue.
    • Bug fixes.
  • 2.62 - Partial Reagent Bank functionality added (treat it as just another bank bag). Bug fixes.
  • 2.61 - Performance issues.
  • 2.60 - Update for WoW 6.02. Add workaround for Blizzard GetTradeSkillInfo bug in Engineering.
  • 2.57 - Fix bug reported on WoWInterface. Clicking on reagents would crash if the tradeskill for the reagent had not been displayed.
  • 2.51 - 2.56 - Bugfixes.
  • 2.50 - new shopping window with guild bank support
  • 2.45 - update for 5.4 - since patch tradeskills of alts not showing, waiting solution from Blizzard
  • 2.44 - update for 5.3
  • 2.43 - more fixes for errors after patch 5.2 - get this version asap
  • 2.41 - update for 5.2, fixed bug in Blizzard's API - (thanks to Speedwaystar and sapu94)
  • 2.34 -bugfixes / skillet was interrupting queue processing after Launch Quest event
  • 2.31 - Fixed Glyph UI being crashed by Skillet
  • 2.3beta1 - Fixes for Patch 5.0 - Mists of Pandaria - this version will work with new and old version of WoW so it's safe to update before patch. Added /skillet reset - to reset window position
  • 2.21 - Fixed minimize to queue button
  • 2.20 - Patch 4.3, fixed close in combat, minor bugfixes
  • 2.18 - View Crafters support, bugfixes
  • 2.17 - nil error bugfix
  • 2.15+2.16 - buttons for camp fire, auto milling, auto prospecting / auto use enchanting vellums
  • 2.14 - bugfix in queue management when skipping items
  • 2.13 - Guild View All works, Expand/Collapse All, fixed Ink Vendor counts, ignore queue positions with missing mats
  • 2.12+2.11 - Freeze issue fixed
  • 2.10 - Show profession skill-up, Minimize to queue only window
  • 2.09 - Improved profession scanning, Save/Load queues
  • 2.07 - More fixes, Bean Counter support, Queue reordering (right click on queue items)
  • 2.07beta - Migration to Ace3, new Tooltip options (use Alt to switch tooltips), bugfixes


  • What are the numbers in the middle and how to hide them? - It's the number of craftable items using reagents in your bag, bank, alts. Right+Click on the bag icon to turn them off
  • How to search in the item name only? - Start your search phrase with exclamation mark: !ink
  • How to search in Auction House? - Alt+Click on shopping list
  • How to retrieve items from bank? - Turn on "Display shopping list at banks"
  • How to turn off Skillet temporarily? - Shift+Click your profession button/link. It also works for View All in your Guild Tab.
  • How to use Enchanting Vellum? - Right Click on Process/Create/Create All button. You create only 1 enchanted vellum, repeat to create more
  • How to use auto Milling/Prospecting? - Alt+Click/Right Click on Prospect/Milling icons. You can also create a macro /click SkilletAutoMilling or /click SkilletAutoProspecting
  • How to paste a recipe in the chat? - double click on the recipe list

- nogudnik - creator of Skillet, left WoW
- lilsparky - took this project over, creator of Gnome Works and LilSparky's Workshop

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  • Avatar of nickyjean01 nickyjean01 Jan 11, 2011 at 04:13 UTC - 0 likes

    Suggestion: For enchanting, it is so cumbersome to open my back and click on the vellum to enchant a scroll. There is an addon: OneClickEnchantScroll that makes enchanting a lot simpler even with a que. It doesn't seem to mesh with this one. But if there was a way to enable the addon to work with this one, that would be awesome.

  • Avatar of legalis legalis Jan 09, 2011 at 14:48 UTC - 0 likes


    Have come back to Skillet with the release of Cata - love the latest version. My main is a Scribe - I find that because you can trade in inks, it can distort the number of items craftable when looking at vendor / bank etc. Is there any way to make it calculate how many you can craft with actual inks available and not potentially traded inks?

  • Avatar of yossa yossa Jan 05, 2011 at 08:53 UTC - 0 likes

    I just did some testing and to retrieve items from bank you have to turn on "Display shopping list at banks" option. To search at Auction House you have to Alt+Click item in your shopping list.

    Last edited Jan 07, 2011 by yossa
  • Avatar of Mythras Mythras Jan 05, 2011 at 06:04 UTC - 0 likes

    Hello : I'm new to Skillet, having been using ATSW until now. I see from the features list that Skillet can automatically retrieve items needed to craft queued items from my bank using the shopping list. With a queued item in place when I open my bank I and display the shopping list I don't see any way to cause this retrieval to occur. Is there supposed to be a button or some widget to trigger the action? I use bagnon as my bags manager for my bank and my character. Could this be interfering with Skillet's abilities?

    While I'm on the subject, can skillet be made to search the AH for items in the shopping list? That was a nice ATSW feature, FYI.

    Let me know what you think, and thanks for a most excellent addon! I like it.


    Last edited Jan 05, 2011 by Mythras: Weird markup inserted
  • Avatar of yossa yossa Dec 27, 2010 at 22:25 UTC - 0 likes

    I will be one more week out of town so you have to be patient. Leave comments, open tickets and I will check them all when I'm back.

  • Avatar of Xargan Xargan Dec 27, 2010 at 19:08 UTC - 0 likes

    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for an awesome mod!

    I have but one request that I hope is simple, and that is to please add a collapse/expand all button.

    It's the only think I can think of that this mod needs... its perfect otherwise :)

  • Avatar of fixitman fixitman Dec 19, 2010 at 15:11 UTC - 0 likes

    Freezes are gone for me, thank you for all the hard work :D

  • Avatar of yossa yossa Dec 18, 2010 at 23:17 UTC - 0 likes

    Sunhead: Number of skill-ups is displayed in the middle column in {}. There is just no up-arrow, but I will add it in future.

  • Avatar of yossa yossa Dec 18, 2010 at 23:14 UTC - 0 likes

    2.12 is out and this issue should be solved.

    I've spent a whole day debuging Skillet in 1000 different ways and finally found the problem.
    Skillet was trying to scan your profession list in the initial event launched by Wow - TRADE_SKILL_SHOW. Everything looked fine, this scan was taking about 1sec.
    But after that Wow was doing strange things. I suppose it was launching lots of TRADE_SKILL_UPDATE events and they were all eaten by the standard UI causing lag and freeze. I changed the way it works and it's much better now.

  • Avatar of fixitman fixitman Dec 18, 2010 at 22:47 UTC - 0 likes

    I noticed some discrepancies from my previous post, so I went ahead and did some experimentation.

    I first disabled all other addons for my Undead Rogue and then closed WoW completely. I then logged in to my Undead Rogue and opened LW. WoW froze for approximately 1 minute 10 seconds. I then opened First Aid and Cooking with less than 2 second freezes (NOT an issue). After that, I logged out and back in to the Rogue. All tradeskill openings were less than 2 second freeze. I then logged out, and logged in to my Tauren Warrior. Opening his Engineering, Smelting, Cooking, and First Aid all had less than a 2 second Freeze. I got the same result with my Night Elf Warrior opening all secondaries, as well as his sizable Alchemy tradeskill.

    At this point, I figured it had something to do with the first time opening a primary tradeskill after initial loading of WoW. I completely closed WoW, and then launched it fresh from my desktop. Logging in to my Rogue, I discovered a 35 second pause to open LW . Both secondary tradeskills took about 5 seconds each. All opened very quickly (2 second pause) after that.

    I'm thinking that the cache is somehow expiring, causing everything to be reloaded after a certain period of time. I'm not sure how skillet gets its information, so I really can't test much more at this point. If there is anything else I can do to help narrow this down, just let me know :)

    Last edited Dec 18, 2010 by fixitman: typos (oops)


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