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Skillet: A trade skill window replacement

Skillet is a replacement for the default tradeskill and craft UI.

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  • Larger the the standard tradeskill window
  • Built-in queue for creating multiple, different items
  • User editable list of notes attached to reagents and crafted items.
  • Automatically buy reagents for queued recipes when visiting a vendor
  • Recipes can be filtered by name, whether or not you could level when creating the item, and whether or not you have the mats available.
  • If you can craft a reagent needed by a recipe, then clicking on that reagent will take you to its recipe (same features as Reverse Engineering.
  • Queued items are saved when you log out and are restored on log in
  • If the item to be crafted requires a minimum level to use, that level can be displayed along with the recipe (disabled by default)
  • The shopping list of items needed for all queued recipes for all alts can be displayed at banks, auction houses, or from the command line
  • Items needed for crafting queued items can be automatically retrieved from your bank or guild bank (by using the shopping list)
  • Sorting of recipes (name, difficulty, level, and quality of crafted item)
  • Complete or mostly complete localizations for deDE, esES, frFR, ruRU, koKR, zhCN, zhTW.
  • Tracking inventory on alternate characters
  • Item tooltips can be set to display the list of alternate characters that can craft the item.
  • Custom filtering of recipes (have mats, have mats in bank, min level/max level, etc)
  • Custom grouping


  • 2.67
    • Fix TradeSkillInfo plugin (Ticket 312)
  • 2.66
    • Disable Skillet for crafting illusions, because it is allowed only from Blizz UI (Ticket 309)
    • Change "Using Bank" message to a warning (DA.WARN)
    • Locale independent fix for Blizzard's Engineering bug
    • Remove Altoholic dependent code (we do it ourselves now)
    • Fix unavailable skills in garrison
  • 2.65
    • Localize Blizzard's Engineering bug (Ticket 308)
  • 2.64
    • Add count of Auction House items independent of Altoholic (Ticket 304)
    • Increase maximum queue item count to 9999, (Ticket 305)
    • Change 1/0 to true/false for Blizzard API calls (Ticket 306)
  • 2.63
    • Bump Skillet database version.
    • Add slash command to reinitialize Skillet database.
    • Add persistent bank storage.
    • Reagent Bank added (treat it as just another bank bag).
    • Use bank reagents when processing queue.
    • Bug fixes.
  • 2.62 - Partial Reagent Bank functionality added (treat it as just another bank bag). Bug fixes.
  • 2.61 - Performance issues.
  • 2.60 - Update for WoW 6.02. Add workaround for Blizzard GetTradeSkillInfo bug in Engineering.
  • 2.57 - Fix bug reported on WoWInterface. Clicking on reagents would crash if the tradeskill for the reagent had not been displayed.
  • 2.51 - 2.56 - Bugfixes.
  • 2.50 - new shopping window with guild bank support
  • 2.45 - update for 5.4 - since patch tradeskills of alts not showing, waiting solution from Blizzard
  • 2.44 - update for 5.3
  • 2.43 - more fixes for errors after patch 5.2 - get this version asap
  • 2.41 - update for 5.2, fixed bug in Blizzard's API - (thanks to Speedwaystar and sapu94)
  • 2.34 -bugfixes / skillet was interrupting queue processing after Launch Quest event
  • 2.31 - Fixed Glyph UI being crashed by Skillet
  • 2.3beta1 - Fixes for Patch 5.0 - Mists of Pandaria - this version will work with new and old version of WoW so it's safe to update before patch. Added /skillet reset - to reset window position
  • 2.21 - Fixed minimize to queue button
  • 2.20 - Patch 4.3, fixed close in combat, minor bugfixes
  • 2.18 - View Crafters support, bugfixes
  • 2.17 - nil error bugfix
  • 2.15+2.16 - buttons for camp fire, auto milling, auto prospecting / auto use enchanting vellums
  • 2.14 - bugfix in queue management when skipping items
  • 2.13 - Guild View All works, Expand/Collapse All, fixed Ink Vendor counts, ignore queue positions with missing mats
  • 2.12+2.11 - Freeze issue fixed
  • 2.10 - Show profession skill-up, Minimize to queue only window
  • 2.09 - Improved profession scanning, Save/Load queues
  • 2.07 - More fixes, Bean Counter support, Queue reordering (right click on queue items)
  • 2.07beta - Migration to Ace3, new Tooltip options (use Alt to switch tooltips), bugfixes


  • What are the numbers in the middle and how to hide them? - It's the number of craftable items using reagents in your bag, bank, alts. Right+Click on the bag icon to turn them off
  • How to search in the item name only? - Start your search phrase with exclamation mark: !ink
  • How to search in Auction House? - Alt+Click on shopping list
  • How to retrieve items from bank? - Turn on "Display shopping list at banks"
  • How to turn off Skillet temporarily? - Shift+Click your profession button/link. It also works for View All in your Guild Tab.
  • How to use Enchanting Vellum? - Right Click on Process/Create/Create All button. You create only 1 enchanted vellum, repeat to create more
  • How to use auto Milling/Prospecting? - Alt+Click/Right Click on Prospect/Milling icons. You can also create a macro /click SkilletAutoMilling or /click SkilletAutoProspecting
  • How to paste a recipe in the chat? - double click on the recipe list

- nogudnik - creator of Skillet, left WoW
- lilsparky - creator of Gnome Works and LilSparky's Workshop

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  • Avatar of dekimsey dekimsey Oct 05, 2009 at 21:45 UTC - 0 likes

    I've been able to figure out how Skillet queues recipes and I had a question. I can have it queue recipes and their reagents are calculated correctly however the new recipes are added to the end of the queue. How would I have it update the queue correctly (read: like the gui)?

    The behavior I'm currently seeing is self:QueueAppendCommand appears to add reagents correctly, but when it re-queues a previously queued recipe it will create a new entry in the queue rather than simply incrementing the entry.

    I'm certain this is because I'm trying to hack around into Skillet, I just wasn't sure how to proceed.

  • Avatar of lilsparky lilsparky Sep 29, 2009 at 18:40 UTC - 0 likes

    hmm... sorry, but i don't understand what you wrote.  what do you mean by the "source function" and "source amount"?

    what locale are you using?

  • Avatar of king1027 king1027 Sep 29, 2009 at 18:26 UTC - 0 likes

    thank you for update. and I want ask a to close the source function ? some item source amount is too big.

    my English is very poor. sorry !

  • Avatar of lilsparky lilsparky Sep 29, 2009 at 17:56 UTC - 0 likes

    since nothing in the api changed, i'm sure this is just another case where the patch has cleared the local cache and caused skillet to throw up.  not saying it's not an error with skillet (it should be able to survive this) but it's not exactly fatal as once you've gotten your data to your local cache again, skillet should work.

    you can load up without skillet and browse your trades for a bit, then log out and re-enable skillet to see if it's any happier.

  • Avatar of Excelis Excelis Sep 29, 2009 at 04:17 UTC - 0 likes

    I'm getting a bug with the latest version of the clone since 3.2.2. The right pane bottom buttons (Start Queue and End Queue I think they are) are stacked on top of each other and hanging outside the pane. Also getting some sort of bug that breaks the addon even beyond this visual issue and I can't craft. Any work around I can use? I would like to get these fixed and back to using Skillet-clone rather than ATSW.

  • Avatar of dekimsey dekimsey Sep 27, 2009 at 06:46 UTC - 0 likes

    Hopefully in a couple days I'll have the time to be smack something together that'd would allow me to just copy and paste a set of items and quantity and have it queue it en mass. I'll play with it, thanks for the help lilsparky.

  • Avatar of lilsparky lilsparky Sep 26, 2009 at 20:29 UTC - 0 likes

    *my* version uses spell/recipeIDs.  it was the main reason i began my clone - to fix the way it did the internal recipe identification.

    Skillet:QueueAppendCommand(command, queueCraftables)

    can be used in place of the table.insert line from the code i posted earlir and it will queue up craftables if queueCraftables is true.  but it only operates for whichever player is currently selected.

    but make sure you download my version (the link is in the description).

    Last edited Sep 27, 2009 by lilsparky
  • Avatar of dekimsey dekimsey Sep 26, 2009 at 02:00 UTC - 0 likes


    Internally, does Skillet use the recipe #'s? I've noticed that when I queue a recipe, learn a new skill, and then execute the queue it'll build the wrong items. Had to GM a stack of epic gems as a result of that one lol.

    But in all seriousness, if I were to calculate the recipe numbers, is there any way to add to the queue that way (including having the mod calculate the craft-able reagents)?

    Last edited Sep 26, 2009 by dekimsey
  • Avatar of lilsparky lilsparky Sep 25, 2009 at 21:27 UTC - 0 likes

    graylo: use the link in description - that's my clone branch that is a somewhat different than the standard skillet. the format should be identical to other addon zips. you change your zip program lately? just make sure to tell it to retain folders (or whatever option sounds like that).

    @dekimsey: there is no api to do that, but that is on the list of things i want to add. you can proabably throw things into the skillet queue pretty easily if you're using the lilsparky clone branch. my branch uses spellIDs as the recipe identifiers. adding recipes should be as simple as constructing a queue entry and using a table.insert to put it into a queue list.

    local queueCommand = Skillet:QueueCommandIterate(spellID, count)
    table.insert(Skillet.db.server.queueData[playerName], queueCommand)

    spellID = spellID of the recipe
    count = how many times to craft that recipe
    playerName = the name of the player for whom you'd like to queue the recipe

    you might check Skillet.db.server.queueData[playerName] to see if it's nil and assign an empty table if it is.

    this is really down and dirty and won't queue any craftable reagents or anything...

    Last edited Sep 25, 2009 by lilsparky
  • Avatar of dekimsey dekimsey Sep 25, 2009 at 20:36 UTC - 0 likes

    Kinda odd question here. Is it possible to queue a recipe by name with the Skillet api?

    usage case: I have a list of commonly used items that I'd like to be able to queue on demand. I did a quick search through the lua files but I didn't see anything in particular that would be suited for that kind of plugging in.


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