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English: Use: Open the clam!
The exact line displayed in the localized tooltip. ShuckIt needs this to function properly.
Current German: Benutzen: Öffnet die Muschel!
Translated by LaoTseu Jan 24, 2010
English: Use %s to open the next item
Help text
Current German: Nutze %s, um den nächsten Gegenstand zu öffnen
Translated by ckaotik Mar 22, 2010
English: Use: Open the Heroic Cache of Treasures to earn your glorious reward! (1 Sec Cooldown)
Text that appears in the Heroic Cache tooltip to indicate that it can be opened.
No current translation for German
English: Use: Create a soulbound item appropriate for your loot specialization
This is the phrase searched in the tooltip to identify reward items from garrison missions that have not been used yet.
No current translation for German
English: Use: Combine ten
When those words are present in the tooltip, a stack of 10 items that can be combined is detected. The exact tooltip wording is very important.
No current translation for German
  • 5 phrases found