Shield Tracker

What's New

  • Updated for 5.4.
  • Adds the ability to use Blizzard's new total absorbs data. Under Absorbs Tracked you can now select "All", "Selected", or "All minus Selected". Selected allows you to choose individual absorbs. All uses Blizzard's API call that provides the total of every absorb on the unit. All minus Selected takes Blizzard's total and subtracts the absorbs you select.


Shield Tracker allows you to create highly-configurable bars to track shields / absorbs on:

  • You
  • Your target
  • Your focus
  • Your mouseover
  • Your pet
  • Named players in your group.

You will need to create the bars in the settings. You can access them by typing /shieldtracker or /stracker. You can also access them via the game menu. Press Esc to bring up the game menu, select Interface, select the AddOns tab, then select Shield Tracker. Once you have Shield Tracker's options up, select Bar. Enter a name in the Create Bar field and press Ok. You can then configure that bar.

There is a default font but you can configure the font per bar.

Known Issues

  • Tracking the shields on a named player only works properly if you are in a group with that player. It's a limitation of the game client.
  • It is best to reload the UI after renaming a bar.

If you find any bugs or issues, please file a ticket or send me a PM.

The ticket tracker is at:

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Date created
Sep 19, 2012
Last updated
Nov 30, 2013