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Set Collector is an add-on for World of Warcraft that allows the player to view various gear sets on their character.

Key Features

Players are able to traverse a list of collections (e.g., Tier 15/Shaman/Melee) and their sets (e.g., Heroic Raid Set) to select for preview. The list is filtered by the activated specialization, but also allows for viewing off-spec sets or all collections and sets for the class.

In addition, the add-on allows the player see their progress toward completing the set by scanning their inventory (equipped, bags, bank and void storage) for the various set pieces. Progress is indicated by either displaying the number of set pieces acquired or stating completed.

Included Gear Sets

Current gear sets in Set Collector include:

  • Legendaries (Classic through Mists of Pandaria)
  • Raid Tier sets (Tier 1 through Tier 16)
  • Dungeon sets (1-3 as well as AQ sets)

Warlords of Draenor Beta

Work has begun to prepare Set Collector for patch 6.0 and the subsequent release of Warlords of Draenor.

v.1.1.2 (5.4.8 compatible)

Version 1.1.2 has been tested in Patch 6.0.2 and Warlords. The primary functionality works as expected with the exception of:

  • Raid difficulty titles for Tier 16 are incorrect.
  • Void Storage cannot be scanned.

Select "Load Out-of-Date Addons" to try it in the WoD Beta.

v.1.1.3 (6.0.2 compatible)

The current plan for v.1.1.3 is to include the following:

  • Tier 17 Raid Sets
  • Mists of Pandaria Challenge Mode Dungeon Sets
  • Changes for Tiers 9 and 10 due to removal of Justice points
  • Fix Void Storage scanner
  • Increase Void Storage slots scanned

Slash Commands

/setcollector - Opens the Set Collector UI

Bugs and Support

As a young add-on, you may come across bug or two or even have suggestions for future enhancements. If so, you can submit them here:

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Aug 18, 2014
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Sep 14, 2014
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Set Collector
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  • A: r17 for 5.4.8 Sep 14, 2014
  • R: v1.1.2 for 5.4.8 Sep 06, 2014
  • A: r15 for 5.4.8 Sep 06, 2014
  • B: v1.1.2 beta for 5.4.8 Aug 30, 2014
  • A: r13 for 5.4.8 Aug 30, 2014



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