Scorchio! 2

Configurable bar groups for target, non-target, and buffs.

Scorchio2 tracks Living Bomb, Nether Tempest, Frost Bomb, Ignite, Pyroblast, Slow, Combustion, and Polymorph on multiple mobs, and can give you warnings and notifications when the debuffs need reapplying, or have expired completely. The bars for Ignite and Combustion can be configured to show what your DoT is currently ticking for. Unlike some other DoT timer addons, Scorchio properly handles DoT spreading from Inferno Blast. Scorchio can also provide bars for the following personal buffs/debuffs/procs: Arcane Charge, Arcane Missiles!, Arcane Power, Brain Freeze, Fingers of Frost, Heating Up, Icy Veins, Pyroblast!, and Flamestrike. Scorchio can also provide a duration bar for Mirror Image.

Use /scorchio2, or Blizzard's Addons configuration window to configure Scorchio2.

Localization Help Needed!

Lots of work has gone into translation, but there's still some left to do. Localizations are easy to submit on the WowAce Localization Page, and help many users. Please help with this if you're able. And thanks to everyone who's helped so far!


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Nov 09, 2008
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Mar 31, 2015
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Scorchio! 2
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