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English: Always show new instances
Current Spanish: Siempre mostrar nuevas instancias
Translated by yllelder Sep 18, 2009
English: Alternating columns are colored differently
column color configuration
Current Spanish: Columnas alternadas son de diferentes colores
Translated by Valdesca Jan 22, 2012
Previous Spanish: Alternar columnas con colores diferentes
Translated by yllelder Dec 12, 2011
English: Always show
Current Spanish: Mostrar siempre
Translated by Phanx Mar 10, 2013
English: Are you sure you want to reset the SavedInstances character database? Characters will be re-populated as you log into them.
Current Spanish: ¿Seguro que quieres reiniciar la base de datos de personajes de SavedInstances? Los personajes se llenarán de nuevo cuando entres con ellos.
Translated by popnoart May 07, 2013
English: Account
Current Spanish: Cuenta
Translated by Mitrax Apr 18, 2013
English: Attempt to recover completed daily quests for this character. Note this may recover some additional, linked daily quests that were not actually completed today.
Current Spanish: Tratar a recuperar las misiones diarias ya completados hoy por este personaje. Cuenta que esto podría recuperar algunas otras misiones relacionadas que no fueron realmente completaron hoy.
Translated by Phanx Jun 06, 2013
English: Augment bonus loot frame
No current translation for Spanish
English: Automatically shrink the tooltip to fit on the screen
No current translation for Spanish
English: Account Summary
No current translation for Spanish
English: Are you sure you want to remove %s from the SavedInstances character database?
No current translation for Spanish
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