278 - Why is an old version at top of page for D/L

I first posted it was not working.  NOW I see that the Download link (http://www.wowace.com/addons/rating-buster/files/1057-1-6-7/)  is for an old version the new is down below ( Recent files•A: r395 for 5.1.0 2 days ago)  That needs to be updated to stop the confusion. And I'd like to add it needs to be updated at Curse also.

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    The original author of RatingBuster (Whitetooth) is MIA. And since only project authors can tag Beta or Release versions, it will stay like it is now until someone takes over the project.

    I did some of the recent fixes to get it working for WoW 5.0 but I DO NOT want to take over the project. It is huge and requires a huge amount of effort and time to keep it working.

    Note that you can configure the Curse Client to download Alpha versions of RatingBuster.

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