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(Remove buff)


Alt-Click on a party buff will cast on someone missing that buff.

Alt-Click on a self buff will renew that buff.


Click buffs to disable and enable.

Click to toggle the RBS dashboard

Ctrl-Click Boss or Trash to whisper all those who need to buff.

Ctrl-Click buffs to whisper those who need to buff.



Low durability

Low durability (35% or less)



Missing Vigilance

Missing a scroll

Out of range

Paladin blessing

Player is missing at least one Paladin blessing

Press Escape -> Interface -> AddOns -> RaidBuffStatus for more options.

RBS Dashboard Help

RBS Tank List

Remove this button from this dashboard in the buff options window.

Right-click to open the addons options menu


Flasked or Elixired but slacking


This is the short name version (abbreviation) of Scroll of Protection


Shift-Click buffs to report on only that buff.


Slacking Paladins




Tank missing Earth Shield

Tank missing Thorns

Tank with 

The above default button actions can be reconfigured.

Well Fed but slacking

You need to be leader or assistant to do this


Missing buff: 

Missing buffs (Boss): 

Missing buffs (Trash): 

No Soulstone detected

No buffs needed! (Boss)

No buffs needed! (Trash)

Not Well Fed



PVP is On

Player has a wrong Paladin blessing

Player has health less than 80%

Player has mana less than 80%

Player is AFK

Player is Dead

Player is Offline

 has set us up a Refreshment Table

( Poison ?[IVX]*)







Aspect Cheetah/Pack On

Aspect of the Cheetah or Pack is on

Battle Elixir



Different Zone

Flask or two Elixirs

Guardian Elixir

Health less than 80%

Hunter Aspect

Hunter has no aspect at all

Mage is missing a Mage Armor

Mana less than 80%

Missing a Battle Elixir

Missing a Flask or two Elixirs

Missing a Guardian Elixir

Missing a temporary weapon buff

Player is in a different zone

Protection Paladin with no Righteous Fury

Someone has a Soulstone or not




Weapon buff

Wrong Paladin blessing

Wrong flask for this zone

 has set us up a Soul Well

Raid warning when someone casts ritual of souls.

Refreshment Table about to expire!

Soul Well about to expire!

Death Knight Presence

Buff check for DK presence

Item count: 

Tool tip message listing the number of items such as arrows people have.

Please relog or reload UI to update the item cache.

Shown when the computer has never before seen an item it wants the name for.


Button on the dashboard which re-scans all the buffs, items, durability, etc

Healer %s has died!

Tank %s has died!

Ranged DPS %s has died!

Melee DPS %s has died!

Paladin missing Seal

 has set us up a Repair Bot

Repair Bot about to expire!

The following have inappropriate Paladin blessings: 

Paladin blessings tool tip

Sanctuary is assigned in Pally Power but no one has the spec to do it.

Paladin blessings tool tip

%s cast %s on %s

Garmann cast Misdirection on Darinia

Paladin %s has left the raid and had Pally Power blessings assigned to them

Paladin Tylbert has left the raid and had Pally Power blessings assigned to them

Has buff: 

Has buff: Focus Magic


%s has a newer (%s) version of RBS (%s) than you (%s)

Danielbarron has a newer (alpha) version of RBS (r332 3.246) than you (r320 3.230)

This is the first time RaidBuffStatus has been activated since installation or settings were reset. Would you like to visit the Buff Wizard to help you get RBS buffs configured? If you are a raid leader then you can click No as the defaults are already set up for you.

Remind me later


[IMMUNE] Darinia failed to taunt....


[RESIST] Darinia failed to taunt....


Danielbarron has a newer alpha version of RBS (r332 3.246) than you (r320 3.230)


Danielbarron has a newer beta version of RBS (r332 3.246) than you (r320 3.230)


Used for checking the zone from GetRealZoneText()

Cast by:

Cast by: Danielbarron

Blessing of Kings, with this raid configuration, is better provided by Drums of the Forgotten Kings thus allowing Blessing of Might to be used.

Paladin blessings tool tip

Buffing Kings:

Name of person who appears to be the Paladin buffing Kings.

Buffing Might:

Name of person who appears to be the Paladin buffing Might.

Stamina increased by 90

Stamina increased by 60

Food tool tip for 60 stamina food.  Needs exact partial match.

%s about to expire!

Seafood Magnifique Feast about to expire!

prepares a %s!

Danielbarron prepares a Seafood Magnifique Feast!

Invite auto-accepted from friend %s.

Invite auto-accepted from friend %s.

Invite auto-accepted from friend danielbarron.

Invite auto-accepted from guild member %s.

Invite auto-accepted from guild member Danielbarron.

Blessing of Kings is not needed because you are grouped with a Druid.

You need to whisper the leader instead: 

When someone asks for an invite when someone is not the leader.

Sorry, the group is now full.

Missing or not working oRA or RBS: 

Shown on item checks tool tip where there is no reply from oRA2 or 3 or RBS yet.

 in their bags

E.g. Flask of Battle in their bags.  As a title to a list of people with the item in their bags and how many.

%s is running RBS %s

Bob is running RBS 5

Tol Barad

Used for checking the zone from GetRealZoneText()

Sorry, I am queued for a battlefield.

Sorry, I am queued for

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