Welcome to WeakAuras! This page will guide you through the basic usage of the addon in a friendly, visual format. Once you've installed WeakAuras, SharedMedia, and SharedMediaAdditionalFonts, jump right in!

Your First Display

Getting Started

First, type /wa.


The New page shows a list of different display types you can make. Sure, you could create a simple Texture, but that's boring! Pick something more fun like a Progress Bar.


You are now prompted to name your new display.


You can name it whatever you like - the name is just for your own organization. We're going to make an indicator for Living Bomb, so we'll just name the display "Living Bomb". Mundane, but functional.


While the left side of the configuration shows a list of displays you've created, the right side has options for whatever display(s) you have selected. There are a lot of options, so they're split into 5 tabs for your convenience.

Display Options

The Display tab controls the look and position of your display.


You can play around with most of the options to see what they do. Don't worry about the Auto button yet. It lets you manually change the name and icon of your display, but if you just wait a section or two of the tutorial, that information will be filled in for you automatically. So just slow down a little!

I decided the change the color and texture of the bar. I also rotated it 90 degrees, mostly just to show you that I can!


If you scrolled down the Display tab options screen, you probably saw that there are positioning and size options as well. But didn't I just tell you not to go so fast! Those options are useful if you want to be perfect and exact, but for rough configuration, you don't even need to worry about that section.


You can change the position of your display by dragging it, or the size by dragging the corners.


Trigger Options

The Trigger tab controls when your display will be visible, and what dynamic information it will show.


The topmost section deals with using multiple triggers for a single display. You can ignore that for now.

The Main Trigger section is where the real meat is. Here, we can tell WeakAuras that we want to track auras named Living Bomb, on our Target, and that it is a Debuff.


One last thing - who wants to track other people's Living Bombs? Not me! Check the Own Only option at the bottom of the page to force WeakAuras to ignore everyone else's buffs and debuffs.


By the way, filling out the Trigger options causes WeakAuras to automatically choose an appropriate icon for your Progress Bar. But if the icon it chose is not the icon you expect for Living Bomb - don't worry! It's just a guess! Once you actually use the display in practice, it will find (and save) the correct icon.

Load Options

The Load tab controls when and where your display is loaded. An unloaded display shows in a different section of the configuration sidebar, and WeakAuras completely ignores it for triggering.

This allows you to organize your displays between different characters and classes, and it also helps WeakAuras be fast and efficient.


Our display is only necessary for a Mage, so we can make sure WeakAuras doesn't bother checking every target for Living Bombs when we're playing a Hunter or Warrior.


Animation Options

The Animations tab lets you add a little eye candy to your displays!

There are three types of Animations: The Start animation plays whenever your display appears, the Main animation loops continuously while your display is visible, and the Finish animation plays after your display needs to hide.


You can either use a Preset animation or a Custom animation. Preset animations are much easier to configure (just choose one!)


Custom animations are a lot more intimidating! You can choose which animation types will be used, exactly how those animations should apply, and how long the animation will last.

Note: Some displays support more animation types than others. Progress Bars can do Alpha, Translate, Scale, and Color animations, but there is also a Rotate animation that is only supported by Texture and Progress Texture displays.


Let's make our display slide out to the left and fade away, very very quickly.


I'm betting that you want to see what this animation looks like. Well you're in luck! If you hide a display in the configuration, it will play its Finish animation, and if you show it again, it will play its Start animation. And you can show and hide your display using the configuration sidebar:


Action Options

The Actions tab makes WeakAuras do "things" when a display shows or hides. "Things" usually means playing a sound or sending a chat message, but if you know enough Lua to use the WoW API, you can also run custom functions.


We don't need to display any chat message or run any custom code, but a sound could be useful. Let's make our display "Swoosh!" when it's hiding.


Does it work?

After all this configuration, there's only one thing left to do - make sure our display works by Living Bomb'ing some unfortunate lowbie mob to death!

Placeholder for a screenshot O.o

Feature Highlights

Non-Aura Triggers

Tracking buffs and debuffs is just the beginning of what WeakAuras can do. In fact, WeakAuras can track just about anything you can think of! Cooldowns? Sure! Spell casts? No problem. Health, Mana, Holy Power, Combo Points, Combat Log Messages, Chat Messages, Death Knight Runes... it's all right there at your fingertips. And that's not even counting Custom Triggers, which use Lua to take direct control of WoW's events system and API.

Here are some of the most useful triggers that WeakAuras offers:

Not yet completed!

Other Display Types & Dynamic Info

Progress Bars are one of WeakAuras' most powerful and informative display types, but sometimes you just need your UI to look pretty - and sometimes you need something to get your attention as quickly as possible. WeakAuras offers several display types so you can configure your UI to your heart;s content:

Not yet completed

The Magic of Groups & Multiselecting

Sometimes you have a lot of displays that you want to give all the same settings. Sometimes you want to move them all in a group. Sometimes you even want them to all line up and collapse and expand, each only taking up space while it is visible. WeakAuras has you covered on all these fronts. Enter the magic of Groups and Dynamic Groups:

Not yet completed

One last thing; you don't even need to create a Group to configure multiple displays at once! Using the Control key, you can select multiple displays at the same time, and configure them as if they were in a Group.

Not yet completed

Sharing With Others

Let's face it; you're probably better with addons than that other guy in your guild. You know... that guy. So now that you've figured out how to use WeakAuras, how can you share your brilliant configurations with... that guy? Well, WeakAuras allows you to simply link your displays directly to him!

Not yet completed

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  • Avatar of Rob1369 Rob1369 Mar 15, 2013 at 19:10 UTC - 0 likes

    Hi I am trying to make a progress bar for my Warrior, to show when I am enraged and how much time is remaining. I followed all the steps in the tutorial but can't get it to work. Don't know what I am doing wrong. It seems I have no way to save it? Please help.

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