Display Types


Display Types

This page lists all of the Display Types which can be used in WeakAuras, and describes their behavior and attributes.


The Texture type is one of the simplest displays. It shows a custom graphic which can be changed in color, shape, rotation.

Textures support both Scale and Rotate animations.

Display options:

  • Texture: The graphic file that will be used. You can enter a custom file path in this field, or you can use the "Choose" button to open a texture picker.
  • Color: A color that will be applied to the texture. If the texture is white by default, this option will apply uniformly. If the texture has color by default, setting this option to pure white will maintain the textures default colors, and setting it to any other color will attempt to blend that color into the texture.
  • Blend Mode: WoW is able to draw textures to the screen in two different ways, and this is called the texture's Blend Mode. If you set the Blend Mode to "Opaque", the texture will be drawn to the screen normally. If you set the Blend Mode to "Glow", any blackness in the texture (including blackness added by the Color option) will be re-interpreted as transparency. This means a texture that is completely black would be invisible in "Glow" Blend Mode, and a texture with varying darkness will instead be drawn with varying transparency. Some textures are drawn on a black background with the expectation that you will use the "Glow" Blend Mode.
  • Mirror: Mirrors the texture horizontally. If you want to mirror the texture vertically, you can use this with a 180 degree rotation.
  • Allow Full Rotation: If you do not enable this option, you will only be able to rotate the texture in increments of 90 degrees. Enabling this option will allow you to rotate the texture to any angle you desire. Unfortunately, some textures are not designed to be rotated in this way, and might show undesirable artifacts around the edges.
  • Discrete Rotation or Rotation: Controls the rotation of the texture.
  • Default Position Options

Progress Texture

The Progress Texture type is a more advanced version of the Texture type. It combines two textures (usually from the same file, but with one greyed out) to form a foreground and a background, which are used to display the progress of the display's trigger (e.g., the duration of its aura).

Progress Textures support Scale animations, but cannot be rotated.

Display Options:

  • Foreground Texture: The graphic file that will be used for the foreground.
  • Background Texture: The graphic file that will be used for the background. By default, this is automatically the same as the foreground.
  • Mirror: Mirrors both the foreground and the background textures horizontally.
  • Same: Controls whether the foreground and background textures automatically use the same graphic file.
  • Blend Mode: Same as Texture's Blend Mode.
  • Background Offset: The background texture will be drawn slightly larger than the foreground texture. This option controls by how much larger.
  • Foreground Color: Sets the color of the foreground texture.
  • Background Color: Sets the color of the background texture.
  • Orientation: Sets the direction in which the foreground texture will be masked in order to show progress.
  • Compress: Enabling this option will cause the foreground texture to be compressed instead of masked.
  • Inverse: Enabling this option will make inverse the direction that progress is shown. That is, it will cause the progress to go from empty when an aura is at maximum duration to full when the aura is almost finished.
  • Alpha: Controls the overall transparency of the display.
  • Sticky Duration: This option is designed to control the behavior of auras that can be partially refreshed, such as Chakra. For example, the maximum duration of Chakra is 30 seconds, but using certain spells will increase the duration by 4 second (up to a maximum of 30). If Chakra has, say, 15 seconds left when you refresh it by 4 seconds, WoW will actually tell WeakAuras that the maximum duration of the spell changed from 30 seconds to 19 seconds, which would cause the progress of the display to reset to 100%, which is very visually confusing. Enabling this option will make WeakAuras ignore that and keep the maximum duration at 30 seconds.
  • Default Position Options

Progress Bar

The Progress Bar type is much like bars you have seen in other addons. It combines a bar texture, a name, a timer, and an icon to give you a maximal amount of information.

Progress Bars support Scale animations, but cannot be rotated.

Display Options:

  • Bar Texture: The texture for the actual bar. These bar textures are provided by LibSharedMedia, so if you want a large selection, make sure you have SharedMedia installed


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