[Destruction Warlock] Conflagrate and Incinerate Aura help

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    Ok. So I just got this addon yesterday and so far it has been very good till I hit this little snag that I am quite confused on. I am trying to setup two seperate icons for my Destro Warlock. I shall explain both separately to hopefully stave off confusion. I have searched about the forums with terms that I can think of and only found some help but nothing exact.

    1. I am setting up an Icon to be active only when Conflagrate is usable and to show how many charges are left. I actually have that much thanks to manipulating a Hand of Guldan Icon someone else posted. But I was thinking of doing more if possible. I would also like to have the Icon change whenever I have Fire and Brimstone active too. I know this might be a bit much for me since I just got it but...

    2. I am setting up another Icon that uses the Incinerate symbol but tracks the Backdraft buff and the stacks of it. This one I've only gotten it to either have the symbol for Incinerate but no stacks or Backdraft symbol with stacks. I would also like this one to change when I have Fire and Brimstone active, while leaving the stacks still visible.

    Any help with these is greatly appreciated and if you can explain how you were able to do these, that would be nice too. (I don't want to always have to come back here for the same question and all. ;) ) Thanks!

    Edit: I may have figured out my problems. For 2, I just had Automatic Icon clicked. (I hadn't seen that before.) For both the icons, I was just thinking of making 2 separate Auras in addition. Make the first one deactivate when Fire and Brimstone is up, while the new 2nd one will remain active with a new icon. Sorry for asking a dumb question. I was stumped at the time.

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