Ignore Rune CD workaround

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    Putz submitted a perceived bug with the Ignore Rune CD option.
    From my investigation the game itself does not differentiate between the spell's "internal" cooldown vs the cooldown imposed on it (let's call it "external") by its resources.

    As an example, an aura for Death and Decay with "Ignore Rune CD" checked should theoretically count down the 30 seconds internal cooldown and ignore the unholy rune regeneration cooldown imposed on it by the resource used.

    Unfortunately the game itself through GetSpellCooldown() doesn't differentiate between the two so WA doesn't natively support it (no idea what the "Ignore Rune CD" option was supposed to do or if it ever worked).

    TL;DR: The desired functionality can be achieved on an aura by aura basis through an additional custom trigger.
    Using Death and Decay as an example but you should be able to adapt to other abilities easily.

    Normally you'd have an aura with a trigger of:

    • type: Status
    • status: Cooldown Progress (spell)
    • spell: Death and Decay

    What we do is add a second trigger with:

    • type: Custom
    • event type: Status
    • check on: Events
    • custom trigger:
          local _,d=GetSpellCooldown(43265) -- DnD spellid, use wowhead to find
          return d and d==30 and true -- only show if duration equals the internal cd (take modifying talents/glyphs into account where they apply)
    • custom untrigger:
          return true

    Required for Activation: All Triggers.

    Example import string for Death and Decay as a progress bar (same would apply for other display types, like icon etc)


    For other similar abilities you'll need to modify the spellid and d(uration) accordingly.

    If you want to revert to the "include rune cd" behavior you can either delete Trigger2 or simply change the
    Required for Activation: from "All" to "Any".

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    searched for quite some time to resolve this problem so thanks.

    The solution above shows something while the internal cooldown is triggered. I now wanted to add a sperate event for inverting this, showing a texture while the spell is available independent on rune status. My approach was to create a new WeakAura and just invert the custom trigger and the custom untrigger field, so triggers always but untriggers for 6 seconds after I hit the spell. Not sure if this is the right way of doing this, but it seems to work:


    The problem now is: The texture above disappears while not having any runes available

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    I have exactly the same situation as Farnion described above. Is there any way to show rune-dependant abilities' cooldowns ignoring rune cd and displaying cd ready in one aura?

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    I was having a lot of trouble with runes affecting cooldowns too. The workaround worked for the most part, but seemed to sometimes turn itself off when I ran out of frost/death runes and I couldn't figure out why. It was bothering for a couple of days, then I realized there's a much simpler solution, and it can be achieved with one trigger.

    • Type: Event
    • Event: Combat
    • Message Prefix: Spell
    • Message Suffix: Cast Success
    • Source Unit: Player
    • Spell Name: Death and Decay
    • Hide: Timed
    • Duration(s): 10

    Leave unchecked any fields that I missed. Change the 'Spell Name' and 'Duration(s)' fields to match what ever spell you want to track and you're done. No Lua. No spell IDs. Easy.

    Despite the 'Message Suffix' being 'Cast Success', this works even if you miss.

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