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    Hi, I'm looking to make auras for Symbiosis ( http://www.wowhead.com/spell=110309/symbiosis ), and was wondering if it was possible to get it to work the way I want.

    Basically what I'm after is an aura for each spell, one for Consecration, another for Bone Shield, etc. But obviously only want them to trigger when I am actually able to cast them because I've symbiosis'd with the appropriate class. At this time, when I make an Action Useable aura for Consecration, it is triggered all the time, whether or not I even have Consecration in my spellbook. If, however I do use Symbiosis with a paladin, and use Consecration, it does work as expected.

    Since the Symbiosis buff is the same no matter whom you cast it on, I can't put it as a condition either. So I guess what I'm really asking is, is there a way for "Action Useable" or "Cooldown Ready (Spell)" to check if the spell is actually in your spellbook before it triggers? Or is there any other workaround you can think of?

    Thanks, incredible addon!

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    NOTE: Read notes below, the solution spelled out here works only for spells other classes get, still needs to be worked out for druid)

    The way you probably set it up was to just type in Symbiosis, which will actually find many matches.  You need to specify WHICH class-specific symbiosis ID it is or u get all 21 of them and thus all will appear as useable by your druid.

    For each ability you get on your druid make an"Action Useable" trigger for Symbiosis then input the following spellIDs for each abilty.  These are all variants of the symbiosis buff that gives you other class' spells:
    110497 - hunter
    110498 - death knight
    110499 - mage
    110500 - monk
    110501 - paladin
    110502 - priest
    110503 - rogue
    110504 - shaman
    110505 - warlock
    110506 - warrior

    These are the corresponding spell IDs for other classes that receive the buff and get druid spells.  I haven't tested them on other classes, so I dont know if you need to enter specific buff IDs, which is doubtful.  But here they are if you need them:
    110478 - death knight
    110479 - hunter
    110482 - mage
    110483 - monk
    110484 - paladin
    110485 - priest
    110486 - rogue
    110488 - shaman
    110490 - warlock
    110491 - warrior

    (May wanna print this out, you'll need to input the class IDs often esp. if you are creating for all 4 specs)

    Note that you will be prompted to enable Full Scan on the Spell ID which in this case shouldn't be an extra memory load at all so click "Yes"

    So, as an example, I create an aura on my moonkin for Hammer of Justice
    1st trigger - Action Useable - Hammer of Justice
    2nd trigger - Aura - player - 110484 and click "yes"

    Making sure to check that I'm in moonkin form, else I assume it would should up erroneously when I'm in another spec.

    Rinse and repeat.  And on another note, I personally found is easier to just bind one key to all Symbio spells, and label the keybind in the icon and make it really big and flashy.  Also using the same custom sounds for the main clas use makes it easier to audially (sic?) cue it in your brain.

    I also made an alert for when a druid casts Symbiosis on you.  I did that by creating a Event - Combat Log - Spell - Cast Start - Destination Unit - Player - Spell name Symbiosis - time - 10 sec.  This is obviously in addition to the various spells druids give.

    This all takes a couple hours to set up, but it's been worthwhile for me.

    Edit: After extensive testing, the crucial issue of the spell ID.  The specific spells for Symbiosis are unique, i.e. the druid Hammer of Justice Spell ID is separate from Paladin HoJ, so you can't just type in the name of the spell.

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    Hey Machinelf. First allow me to thank you for the time you put into gathering and posting this information. It's appreciated. Unfortunately however, I am unable to make this work. This is what I did to set up an alert when Hammer of Justice is off of cooldown and useable:

    Trigger 1- Action Useable- 110501 Trigger2- Aura- player- 110484 clicked "yes"

    I've tried setting "use all triggers"/"use any trigger", "inverse"/not inverted, spec is set to balance/not set to balance, swapping the codes back and forth (action useable 110484, aura 110501). I feel like I've tried every variable and the best i can get it to do is show that i HAVE the spell, but not when it's off of cd. Oh yeah, tried setting a trigger for spell cooldown (inverted/ not inverted) as well. What the heck am I not doing or doing wrong? This is driving me absolutely batty. I would be so grateful for any input. Thanks again for your time.

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    It seems to work for those who get weakauras from a druid but for druid getting spells it glitches out. You either have every possible spell show up, or none at all.

    It's quite possible that there is a limitation because Weakauras will default text you enter into a SpellID, however Blizzard now has different spells (i.e. HoJ and a duid HoJ) with the same name but different spellID. AND - and this is important - although Weakauras will allow you to enter specific Aura IDs, it will not allow you to enter an action useable with Spell ID only.

    I kept up the post because it lays out the logic of making this work in hopes that it can be solved. Someone will, it's inevitable.

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