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    I want to use WeakAuras to track my holy paladin's Beacon of Light, but I can't get it to work right.

    The functionality I'm looking for is:

    1. Does anybody in the group/raid have my Beacon of Light buff? If yes, fine, stay hidden. If no, pop up.

    2. Is there less than 5 seconds until Beacon of Light falls off of someone? If yes, pop up. If no, stay hidden.

    And I need these conditions to work, despite the buffed player dieing or me re-applying the buff to another player in the raid/group. The first condition is what I have in PowerAuras, but I was really hoping to get the second functionality with WeakAuras, so that Beacon of Light gets as close to never falling off as possible. I intend to make a similar aura for Judgements of the Pure, which will hopefully be easier, since I only need to check my own buffs for that one...

    Any helpful tips are appreciated! :)

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    Finally figured it out! :D

    With some help from this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwCzamlhKRQ


    Trigger type: Aura

    Aura name: Beacon of Light

    Unit: Group

    Group count: != 1

    Aura type: Buff

    Remaining time: >= 10

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    Hi i believe you meant the last line to be

    Remaining time: <= 10

    per your original request so it won't show unless it's not there or about to run out

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