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    I need help setting up a trigger for Weak Auras to inform me whenever a group member I cast it on loses the aura, based on martinc's Focus Magic triggers (http://www.wowace.com/addons/weakauras/forum/21507-focus-magic-notification/#p4). This is what I am using atm, but it only informs me when the aura drops from me, not the group member. In other words, the triggers work perfectly whenever Dark Intent fades out or I die, but not if my target dies before the buff runs out. I tried this with my pet and Inverse enabled and that works perfectly, problems are with the Group member enabled.

    1st Trigger:

    Trigger: Custom
    Event Type: Event
    Custom Trigger:

    function(_, _, message, _, _, source, _, destGUID, dest, _, _, spellName)
    if(message == "SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS" and UnitIsUnit(source or "", "player") and spellName and spellName:find("Dark Intent")) then
    WeakAuras_DI_Target = dest
    return true

    2nd Trigger:

    Display Text: %c
    Custom Function:

    if (WeakAuras_DI_Target) then
    return "Recast Dark Intent on\n"..WeakAuras_DI_Target
    return "Cast Dark Intent!"

    Trigger: Aura
    Aura(s): Dark Intent
    Unit: Group
    Group Member Count: =0
    Aura Type: Buff
    Own Only: on

    I would appreciate any advice on this :)

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    @Bathory13: Go

    You're a member of your own group, so the trigger will only fire if the buff falls off of you too. I bet it will behave as desired if you change the Group Member Count tof "<2".

    (The Group Count =0 was appropriate for Focus Magic, because that spell doesn't apply the buff to the caster, just the target.)

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    That did the trick, thank you!

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