How to detect "toggleable" pet abilities?

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    To wit, I want to make sure that growl is *ON* while soloing and *OFF* in any instance/raid.


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    For my hunters, I simply use a macro with my opening shot (or with Hunter's Mark) that sets the pet behavior based on group status.

    For instance:

    /cast Hunter's Mark
    /petautocaston [group] Cower; [nogroup] Growl
    /petautocastoff [nogroup] Cower; [group] Growl

    You could even consider putting /petaggressive and /petdefensive in there if you like to set that mode based on group status.

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    cool, perfect for my little twink huntard! :)

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    Great idea JC!

    But... I'm still curious is there's some way to see a WeakAuras warning for my slack ass versus making sure all my common attacks are overly long macros ;D

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    There is a way to do it, but it requirea a Custom Trigger. The necessary wow API function is GetSpellAutocast. For example:

    Trigger Type: Custom

    Event Type: Status

    Check On...: Event(s)

    Event(s): PET_BAR_UPDATE

    Custom Trigger:

      local _, auto = GetSpellAutocast("Growl")
      return auto

    Custom Untrigger:

      local _, auto = GetSpellAutocast("Growl")
      return not auto
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    I'm not sure if I said it before, but it bears repeating.

    (a) WeakAuras ROCKS (2) Your hands on support does too =D

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    @Dethedrus: Go

    Thanks :3

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    I'll just hijack this thread (evil me :>).

    I tried to do the same today for auto-shot (Hunter) using ACTIONBAR_UPDATE_STATE and IsAutoRepeatSpell (IsCurrentSpell works too). Both IsAutoRepeatSpell and IsCurrentSpell return valid values, but it seems like ACTIONBAR_UPDATE_STATE is only fired when Auto-Shot is enabled, but not when its disabled. As a work-around I'm currently just using "ever-frame" + "In Combat".
    Any idea if there is another event for this? (ACTIONBAR_UPDATE_COOLDOWN and ACTIONBAR_UPDATE_USABLE don't work either)

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    No clue. I don't have a Hunter so I can't really check. If you didn't know, /eventtrace is your friend in situations like this.

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    @Mirrormn: Go

    Ah cool, didn't know about this. :)

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