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    I am playing a Priest adn want to track my manareggen abilities.

    As Disc i have a talent called euphorie that can trigger every 12s.
    I can make a display which last 12s and then hides. but i want to have
    the display hide for twelve seconds after each Euphories Rapture so i can see
    when its ready again.

    Another idea would be something like a status "Cooldown Progress (Talent)"

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    I'm afraid I do not understand what talent you're talking about, so I'm at a loss as to how it functions (and thus, how WeakAuras would work with it).

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    I think he means Rapture procs (which happen when you shield someone, but not more often than every 12 seconds) [Euphorie is the german name, not to be confused with the druid spell]

    Taken from an PowerAuras example:

    Version:4.9; g:0.9686; icon:Spell_Holy_Rapture; buffname:Rapture; r:0.9843; Extra:true; x:1; bufftype:13; stacks:1; texture:16; alpha:0.7; owntex:true; isResting:0; duration:12; soundend:23; size:0.18; y:-224; texmode:2; finish:3; timer.b:0; timer.g:0.8824; timer.h:1.22; timer.UpdatePing:true; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.y:-224; timer.Transparent:true; timer.UseOwnColor:true; timer.ShowActivation:true

    It seems that the applied buff's name is Rapture too.

    There is no simple "timer"-concept in WA, the best solution is probably to work with two displays and custom triggers, because simply inverting an aura trigger is not enough since one has to keep an internal timer (I don't think one can track the cooldown on rapture via a spell).

    For the first display use a simple texture-display (alpha=0) and set it to
    on the Trigger tab, Type: Aura, Name: Rapture Unit: Self
    On the actions tab, Custom OnHide code:

    end, 12)

    Custom OnShow code:


    Then create your "real" display, that you want to show while rapture is off its icd.
    In the trigger tab, Type: custom -> event, Events: "WA_RAPTURE_ICD_END WA_RAPTURE_ICD_START" and custom code to

    function(event) return event == WA_RAPTURE_ICD_END end

    and custom hide code to

    function(event) return event == WA_RAPTURE_ICD_START end

    You can set any load conditions on this display, but be careful with setting load conditions on the "hidden one".

    EDIT: I think WA does not support custom events yet, thus this solution doesn't work yet.

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    CommanderSirrow is right.

    I was talking about Rapture and forgot to check the matching english name for it. My bad.

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    All right, I think I understand the issue now. You want your display to show only when you could gain mana from using a Power Word: Shield. Thus, it should be hidden for 12 seconds each time Rapture occurs.

    CommanderSirow is on the right track towards a working solution, but there I some things I must add:

    1. WeakAuras does support custom events, just not AceEvent-3.0. If you want to push a custom event through WeakAuras, use the code
    2. The use of AceTimer-3.0 can be avoided by using a slightly different trigger. Instead of an Aura trigger for the invisible (control) display, use a Combat Log Event trigger set to Message: Spell Aura Applied, Destination Unit: Player, Spell Name: Rapture, and Duration: 12. This will cause the control display to "show" (even though it will not be visible) when Rapture occurs and hide once Rapture is available again.
    3. This last consideration is a bit more complicated. If you use an "Event"-style Custom Trigger for the visible display, it will not interact well with some of WeakAuras' internal mechanics. Specifically, your Rapture display will not appear on login, after closing the WeakAuras configuration screen, or after it loads (if you define Load conditions) until after you use a Power Word: Shield once and then wait 12 seconds. This is because "Event"-style triggers are inherently stateless in WeakAuras. If you use a "Status"-style Custom Trigger instead, the display will be forced to check its state every time one of the aforementioned events occurs. However, for that check to work correctly, you will need to save the state of your Rapture availability somewhere. A global variable would be useful for this.

    Taking these three things into consideration, the On Hide code for the invisible display becomes

    WA_Rapture_Cooldown = nil

    and the On Show code becomes

    WA_Rapture_Cooldown = true

    The invisible display is changed to a Combat Log Event trigger with Message: Spell Aura Applied, Destination Unit: Player, Spell Name: Rapture, Duration: 12.

    The Custom Trigger Type is changed from Event to Status. Check On... is set to Event(s) and Event(s) is set to WA_CHECK_RAPTURE

    The Custom Trigger's Trigger field becomes

    function() return not WA_Rapture_Cooldown end

    and the Untrigger field becomes

    function() return WA_Rapture_Cooldown end

    Also, if you don't like using an invisible control display, it is possible to integrate the control code into the visible display's custom trigger - just somewhat harder.

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    @Mirrormn: Go

    I would also like to monitor the CD of rapture on my priest with weak auras, possibly without using other addons. I tried your option 2 since this is exactly what I am looking for but it doesnt work for me. Rapture is shown correctly in the combat log but the icon does not appear. What could be the problem?

    BTW thanks for the great addon and for keeping it up to date! I recently switched from Power Auras and I like it a lot!

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    @Cringer80: Go

    You'd have to give me a string export of your display for me to be able to figure out what's wrong.

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    @Mirrormn: Go

    OK, I just got it to work! The problem was that you shouldnt use the option "Spell > Aura applied" but "Spell > Energize". I guess the first doesnt work because combat log doesnt say gain rapture but gain mana through rapture! But thank you for your help, it works now very nicely!

    On a different topic: Are you planning to include in future versions a trigger for individual group members (1-5)? I would be very powerful e.g. for monitoring the Druid HoTs on members in a dungeon group. I am running Satrina Buff Frames just for that purpose but it would be much nicer if it could be integrated in WeakAuras!

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    Quote from Cringer80:

    Are you planning to include in future versions a trigger for individual group members (1-5)?

    Yes. See this thread for some discussion on the topic.

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    For the original rapture thing, can I have the icon show the timer based on the timer setting for the event, so I know how far before the 12 seconds is up?

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    Thanks to the previous posters I have been able to created a small Rapture Icon with the following functions:

    • -Light Icon on "CD Ready"
    • -Dark Icon on Background during "On CD"
    • -Cooldowntext during "On CD" showing the remaining time until "CD Ready"
    • -Light Icon slightly flashing up on "CD Ready"

    Just import the following code:


    The group is called "Euphorie" which is the german name for the rapture buff. Feel free to rename or resize or reshape the icons.

    Thanks to everyone, who posted on this thread so far and greets from me

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    @peacemasta: Go

    doesn't work with 2T12

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    i need some help with this the 2nd code from peacemasta don't work at all and the 1st code from peacemasta it works but Light Icon just stays there it dont go away when rapture is on cd is there any way to fix that?

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    a little late but fwiw, I was successful using peacemasta's 2nd code, if you're not using the German client make sure you update the Spell Name in the triggers to reflect your language (Rapture in my case)

    tyvm peacemasta

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    Hello I was wondering how can i make a weak aura for Rapture that works the same as the cooldown icons.Like for a normal spell i have 2 weak auras one that shows the cooldown and one inverse that shows the icon when i can use the spell. How can i make it for Rapture , i have a weak aura that shows the cooldown but i cant seem to find a way to just show the icon when the cooldown is over. Please help

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