Tracking when pet is *NOT* present?

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    I found the dirty workaround to show when a pet is there: status (health) > unit (pet) > health

    How would I invert this? I want a nice big "Hey stupid, summon your water elemental" after dying :)

    I've tried setting to to hide if pet health is > 0 but that does nothing of note.

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    Trigger Type: Custom

    Event Type: Status

    Check On...: Event(s)

    Event(s): UNIT_PET

    Custom Trigger:

      return not UnitExists("pet")

    Custom Untrigger:

      return UnitExists("pet")

    I have found that it is best to include an additional Status -> Conditions trigger to only have the display show when you are alive and not mounted. Furthermore, I have found it useful to add an Animation that hides the display for a short period of time as it is first being shown; this prevents the display from flickering when you mount and dismount.

    Animations -> Start

    Type: Custom

    Duration (s): 2

    Fade In

    Type: Hide

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    I'm still in the process of converting from Power Auras (which I've been using since BC iirc) but I've got nothing but praise so far =D

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    Hi and thx for this really nice addon.

    Im trying to do the same for a temporary pet from DK

    "Raise Dead" when actived, raise a "Risen Ghoul". Can you help me ?

    Sorry for my bad English

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    If you're an Unholy death knight with a controllable pet, the above Custom Trigger should work. If not, I'm not sure the temporary ghoul minion can be tracked conventionally. You could create an Event -> Combat Log trigger set to Message: "Spell Summon", Source Unit: "Player", Spell Name: "Risen Ghoul", and Duration: "60s", but that would not track if your Risen Ghoul gets killed or otherwise lost somehow.

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    sry for the necro, but this isn't working, i used the exact custom trigger and it sometimes shows up when I leave a BG or instance and my minion is alive. Typing /wa fixes this, but thats a whole other can of worms bc i have 1300 weakauras so it can freeze me for a bit

    Edit: I tried solution at http://www.wowace.com/addons/weakauras/forum/18967-triggers-for-pet-info/ seems to work better but will still show up as missing when I have a minion after leaving a BG

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    Old post but I was looking for this option myself, found out there seems to now be a built in Condition for the pet.

    Trigger Type: Status | Status: Conditions | Click : Having Pet (Alive) option twice to invert to "Not Having Pet (Alive)"

    Can also check Alive and Not Mounted in the same trigger.

    The additional animation to stop the icon from flickering still applies

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