Premo Power

This project has become inactive.

This project is inactive and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. The author may have abandoned it, or it may have outlived its usefulness.

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This addon makes the Paladin's and Priest's power bars (Holy & Shadow Orb) simple and easy for the eye to see. It also shows Discipline Priest's Evangelism stacks. They can be placed anywhere on the screen and you can choose the size and color of the polygons that represent each charge.

A special thanks goes out to Hoern (ristretto Power).

Ce addon permet de visualiser les unitées de pouvoir des Paladins et Prêtres de l'ombre (Pouvoir sacré et Orbes d'ombre) afin qu'ils puissent être simple et appaisant pour l'oeil. Il permet aussi de voir l'état de la bénédiction Evangélisme. Ils peuvent être placé n'importe où sur l'écran et vous pouvez choisir leur taille ainsi que leur couleur.

Un gros merci à Hoern (ristretto Power).

To move Premo Power ALT + LEFT-CLICK on the first polygon.

Slash Command /ppower

  options - Show the options window (/ppower options)
  show    - Show the bar (/ppower show)
  hide     - hide the bar (/ppower hide)
  h         - set the height (/ppower h 15)
  w         - set the width (/ppower w 15)
  x         - set position along the x axis (/ppower x 100)
  y         - set position along the y axis (/ppower y 100)

Change Log
1.0 - (04/27/2011) Addon birth; Holy Power only.
1.1 - (05/09/2011) Changed bars to be rectangles for better UI placement.
1.2 - (05/14/2011) Introduction of the priest's Shadow Orbs.
1.3 - (05/15/2011) Intruduction of the warrior's Thunderclap stacks.
1.4 - (06/30/2011) Updated for game client 4.2
1.5 - (12/02/2011) Updated for game client 4.3
1.6 - (09/02/2012) Updated for game client 5.0.4 (MoP) and removed Warrior's Thunderclap stacks.
1.6.1 - (09/12/2012) Added Disc Priest Evangelism stacks.
1.6.1a - (09/13/2012) Changed some descriptions. - (09/21/2012) 1st release version. Removed slider in options to scale. Fixed issue when changing specs. Cleanup.

I would appreciate any ideas or optimizations/libraries that could benefit my continued learning of the WoW API and LUA.

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Sep 02, 2012
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Sep 22, 2012
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