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700 - MyRolePlay and Chat window functionality

1) It took me some time to nail it down that it was Prat that wasn't supporting this, and it seems all other chat addons I've tried do. When using Prat and MRP together, one of the features of MRP doesn't work. The feature in question being the one allowing users to have their MRP name in place of their toon name. It works when sending emotes, however when speaking into /say or /yell, it does not. As I said, other chat addons I've tried do this, so it is possible. Is this something that can be added into Prat soon? It would make it a great addition to RPers everywhere.

2) The second item was, if it would be possible to add a setting where a user could save the position and size of chat windows with their profile and keep it client side, rather than server side. The reason being, as an example, you may want your windows positioned one way on your large screen on your desktop machine, but in another position on a smaller screen of a laptop. Since the window positions are stored server side, they would need to be stored with the profile, so they could load when logging in.

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ahnji Jul 26, 2014 at 05:12 UTC Create

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Jul 26, 2014
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