102 - Currency icons cause text box overflow

Using Postal r373.

Use of the copper/silver/gold currency icons can result in the text Postal prints overflowing the chat box (General).

I believe the bug is that when it comes to text wrapping decisions, the width of the currency icons is not being taken into consideration during calculation.

See attached screenshot for what I'm talking about -- note the silver icon is outside the chat box boundary on the right side.

If this is a bug in Blizzard's text printing routines then please say so and I will open up a ticket/case with them.

Alternate solutions as I see them:

- Decrease the general length of the texts Postal prints on a single line.  Remove the "processing message N" text, and get rid of printing the name of the buyer.  For example, instead of:

Postal: Processing Message 1: Auction successful: Linen Cloth (20) [4G 76S 0C] (Liquidbubble)


Postal: Auction successful: Linen Cloth (20) [4G 76S 0C]
- Cease use of icons entirely and instead use letters and colour (e.g. 4G 76S 0C) where 4G would be yellow, 76S would be white, and 0C would be brown/copper.

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