PitBull Unit Frames 4.0



English: Change settings for units.
Description of Units
Current Korean: 유닛과 유닛 그룹에 대한 개별 설정을 변경합니다.
Translated by 7destiny Sep 10, 2009
English: Background
[Background] Module name and Layout-editor Strata Option.
Current Korean: 배경
Translated by 7destiny May 19, 2010
English: Druid/Monk mana bar
[DruidManaBar] Module name
Current Korean: 드루이드 마나바
Translated by silone38 Jul 30, 2012
Previous Korean: 드루이드 마나 바
Translated by netcrasher Jul 30, 2012
English: Show the mana bar when a druid is in cat or bear form or a mistweaver monk is in stance of the fierce tiger.
[DruidManaBar] Module description
Current Korean: 드루이드의 곰 또는 표범 변신 시 마나를 표시합니다.
Translated by damjau Jul 30, 2012
English: Color the bar by unit class
Description for Color By Class
Current Korean: 직업 색상에 따라 생명력 바의 색상을 변경합니다.
Translated by netcrasher Sep 10, 2009
Previous Korean: 직업 색상에 따라 생명력바의 색상을 변경합니다.
Translated by damjau Sep 10, 2009
English: Shows buffs and debuffs for PitBull4 frames.
[Aura] Module Description
Current Korean: PitBull4 프레임에 버프와 디버프를 표시합니다.
Translated by 7destiny Aug 02, 2009
English: Self
[Aura] An aura you cast.
Current Korean: 자신
Translated by 7destiny Sep 12, 2009
English: Number of pixels to offset the auras from the start point vertically.
[Aura] Option Description.
Current Korean: 오오라가 시작 지점으로 부터 세로로 줄어들게 하기 위한 픽셀의 수를 설정합니다.
Translated by 7destiny Sep 10, 2009
English: Color the bar by hostility for player characters.  Note that color by class takes precedence over this.
Description for Color by hostility
Current Korean: 생명력 바를 적대성에 따라 색상화 합니다. 주의: 직업에 따른 색상 옵션이 더 우선시 됩니다.
Translated by 7destiny Aug 29, 2009
English: Sample Weapon Enchant
[Aura] Sample aura tooltip.
Current Korean: 샘플 무기 버프
Translated by 7destiny Sep 12, 2009