PitBull Unit Frames 4.0

Latin American Spanish


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English: Self
[Aura] An aura you cast.
Current Latin American Spanish: Propia
Translated by Mogollonster Sep 12, 2009
English: Set the aura filter to filter the debuff auras.
[Aura] Option Description.
Current Latin American Spanish: Establece el filtro de auras para filtrar auras de Debuff.
Translated by Mogollonster Sep 10, 2009
English: Sample Weapon Enchant
[Aura] Sample aura tooltip.
Current Latin American Spanish: Ejemplo de Buff de arma.
Translated by Mogollonster Sep 12, 2009
English: Show the tooltip for the unit when the mouse is over the frame under the selected condition.
Units Option Description
Current Latin American Spanish: Elegir cuándo mostrar el tooltip para la unidad al pasar el ratón.
Translated by Phanx Dec 09, 2013
English: Show the mana bar when a druid is in cat or bear form or a mistweaver monk is in stance of the fierce tiger.
[DruidManaBar] Module description
Current Latin American Spanish: Muestra la barra de maná cuando el druída está en forma de felino u oso.
Translated by Mogollonster Jul 30, 2012
  • 5 phrases found