PitBull Unit Frames 4.0



English: Tooltip
Toggle for HappinessIcon and Layout-editor Strata Option.
Current Spanish: Tooltip
Translated by kfran2 May 19, 2010
English: Add aggro coloring to the unit frame.
[Banzai] Module Description.
Current Spanish: Añade coloreado según el Agro a PitBull4
Translated by kfran2 Aug 02, 2009
English: Display
[Aura] Tab name
Current Spanish: Pantalla (Display)
Translated by kfran2 Aug 11, 2009
English: Highlight: all friend debuffs
[Aura] Default Filter Name
Current Spanish: Debuffs Amistosos
Translated by kfran2 Aug 08, 2009
English: Color the bar by hostility for player characters.  Note that color by class takes precedence over this.
Description for Color by hostility
Current Spanish: Colorea la barra de salud según hostilidad. La coloración por clase tiene preferencia ante esta opción.
Translated by kfran2 Aug 29, 2009
English: Change settings for units.
Description of Units
Current Spanish: Cambia opciones individualmente para unidades o grupos de unidades.
Translated by kfran2 Sep 10, 2009
English: Color the bar for PvP enemies by unit class.
Description of Color PvP enemies by class
Current Spanish: Colorear la Barra de salud para enemigos JcJ según la clase de la unidad.
Translated by kfran2 Sep 10, 2009
English: Number of pixels to offset the auras from the start point vertically.
[Aura] Option Description.
Current Spanish: Número de pixel que las auras se separarán verticalmente del punto de inicio.
Translated by kfran2 Sep 10, 2009
English: Set the aura filter to filter the debuff auras.
[Aura] Option Description.
Current Spanish: Establece el filtro de auras para filtrar auras de Debuff.
Translated by kfran2 Sep 10, 2009
English: Should consolidate
[Aura] Aura Filter Editor Option
Current Spanish: Deben consolidarse
Translated by Haobea Jan 14, 2010