PitBull Unit Frames 4.0


Change log

Cameron Kenneth Knight (17):
      d4bad92: Initial commit
      bf1dcee: Make a bit of logic more understandable
      abf29ba: Change name to PitBull Unit Frames 4.0
      48ddd7d: Add Version to TOC
      d73cfe4: Change @debug@ to @alpha@
      2eab160: Add the ability to have * keys in tables, no ** yet.
      2dc91db: Make sure to remove star defaults when logging out
      d9ac7df: Small bugfixes, make it create initial frames (currently only player).
      f405b7e: Add basic module support.
      aa7818b: A whole bunch of changes.
      8a5a4f5: Cleanup BetterStatusBar.lua
      6dba16c: Separate out some logic, simplifying things.
      fa24d4b: Rearrange some logic
      01f51ae: Some doc fixes
      9953ac7: Fix some minor typos
      b57f3ba: Add some more comments.
      40c8a3c: Add ReputationBar

Cameron Knight (35):
      5911b48: add Options, doesn't do much, but it does allow positioning of bars.
      9f1a0b7: possibly fix up .pkgmeta. Fix an issue in options.
      cbc2a0e: Add CastBar
      2b8abc5: make CastBar work a bit better. Show targettarget.
      a210826: simplify some logic.
      0b32697: .docmeta
      4101557: fix .docmeta
      0146943: Fix up some code, initial icon support
      53586de: Fix the way module registered functions are called.
      2c9871c: switch to using AceConfig-3.0. Add some actual options for bars.
      36244d2: change .unitID to .unit, since that's what Blizzard expects for tooltips.
      52ee2e3: move the module types into their own files. Add a method to add new module types easily.
      a455b9c: add a way for modules to register options. Add the "Color by class" option to HealthBar.
      f7ce9ed: actually position icons and provide options for icons. get rid of all magic numbers in the layout (I think).
      d1492ef: add real layout handling. Add setting of the layouts on a per-classification basis.
      f3e3f49: Add the ability on a per-classification basis to mirror the layout horizontally. This is useful if you have a player frame and a target frame the same layout but want the target layout to mirror it (e.g. bars go other direction, things on the other side, etc.)
      769c4e7: Add vertical mirroring. Tbh, I'm not sure a layout that would use it, but it could be cool.
      0c8565f: prepare for frame deletion
      7dac629: Switch to using colon syntax most all places, as it was confusing to have some methods use colon syntax but some using dot syntax. Switch to using Ace3 for timers, events, module handling, and DB.
      ce0b5e6: use self where it makes sense
      abf7396: some options-related bugfixing.
      465e5f8: Move some functions around
      6c40e9f: change the naming of some things, split things up some more for clarity.
      0bebf73: move some files around, use XML instead of the TOC to load up files.
      aebe4a2: Move some more things around
      7602a0d: Split up Options into its own sections, put it in its own folder
      d6ef615: Move the module handling parts to its own folder
      f7dcfd5: bgAlpha => background_alpha
      ed68d50: small optimization
      bc419fc: have a set ordering for the layout editor
      f38e0a8: bugfix
      51ce0be: remove StatusBarModule:SetColorFunction, now it's just assumed that :GetColor will be the method to call. Same for :SetValueFunction => :GetValue and IconModule:SetTextureFunction => :GetTexture.
      84c0e3c: split up the icon module's :GetTexture and :GetTexCoord functions. Pass in value to StatusBarModule:GetColor, in the case where you want to change color based on value (like health bar).
      96337cc: change background and highlight modules to make the control they create using the same casing as the module ID.
      05bec11: Add the TextProviderModule type. Add the DogTagTexts module. Simplify some of the layout placement code.


Uploaded on
Dec 27, 2008
Game version
  • 3.0.3
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