Pets and Mounts

Auto and random summon for your pets and mounts, highly customizable. With Data Broker support.



  • Minimap icon
  • Data Broker
  • Menu for quick access to mounts and companions
  • Bindings support
  • Clickable buttons
  • Ability to create sets of companions/mounts
  • Ability to use multiple sets at a time
  • And link sets to an/some area(s)
  • Model frame in menu and config
  • A load of options for a full configuration (100+)
  • Ace3 clean config panel
  • Ace3 profiles
  • Load on demand configuration panel
  • Ability to edit the mount button macro (Macro syntax or LUA)
  • A developer open to suggestions


  • Auto summon random companions
  • Add companions to favorites
  • Search feature
  • Summon a specific companion in a specific area
  • Force one companion to summon
  • Timed re-summon


  • Mounts are separated in categories
    • Ground Fly Hybrid Aquatic Passenger Surface Repair
  • Summon random mounts according to location
  • Add mounts to favorites
  • Search feature
  • Summon a specific mount in a specific area
  • Force one mount to summon


There is too much spells handled by the add-on to list them here, see in game. But for a quick summary, it handles every speed increase spells.


A set can be considered as a snapshot of your current favorites when you save it.
They are saved in the global scope, so even when using a profile for each characters, they are still available on all of them.

Area sets basically edit your favorites on the fly when entering a defined area. This is combat protected and delayed.

Custom macros

You can edit the mount button macro, using classic macro syntax or LUA. As this feature is for advanced users I will not make a full documentation on it. Read the summary in game.

And if you import someone else code be sure to completely trust him/her. This code will be executed when clicking the button, and even if there is not threat for your account, you can still get griefed/scammed.

Other informations

Configuration panel

There is a lot of options, and I think more will come. But every option got a description in game, you are not alone.
I will add here more informations if something is reported unclear.

Random summon

Here is the priority used by the add-on.

  1. Force one.
  2. Area override.
  3. Area (addon forced, ex: vashj'ir, aq40). Can be disabled.
  4. Favorites and Area sets.
  5. All.

This can be altered by some items, the Magic Broom or the Haunted Memento for example. Those specifics instances can be disabled in the options panel.

Impact on the system

As every add-on relying on databases, it is using a lot of memory. Although it will not harass your CPU, especially in combat.


If you find an error or have a suggestion, please use the tickets system. This is better as I instantly receive an E-mail.
You can also help with the add-on localization.

Some features could not be available with the release version, as I edit the description when uploading new alpha. You can find all the add-on versions here.


Date created
Oct 26, 2013
Last updated
Jul 29, 2014