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Packager start: 2016-02-27T18:23:39.117621

  • Discovered git repository: wow/myslot/mainline
  • Joining all threads
  • Updating git:// in /media/cf-repositories/packager/git-local-checkout/wow/myslot/mainline...
  • Done with git://
  • Not all threads finished, remaining: Checkout <Local GitRepository: wow/lua-pb/mainline>, Checkout <Local GitRepository: wow/lua-pb/mainline> tag beta1.0 (0 running)
  • Updating git:// in /media/cf-repositories/packager/git-local-checkout/wow/lua-pb/mainline...
  • Done with git://
  • Finished joining all threads
  • /media/cf-repositories/packager/zip/wow/ has local externals:
    • path: libs/lua-pb, repo: Local GitRepository: wow/lua-pb/mainline, tag: beta1.0
  • Creating zip /media/cf-repositories/packager/zip/wow/ Done
  • Successfully uploaded /media/cf-repositories/packager/zip/wow/

Packager finished: 2016-02-27T18:24:16.447931.
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