MultiTool: Complete ChangeLog
Current: v0.2.00

  • v0.2.00 - 2008/11/17

Decided to call this 0.2.0 because 0.1.06 marks a fairly clean, almost release and I want to kind of mentally bookmark before adding a bunch of new stuff
Bag space warnings built... does not seem to be properly warning - will continue debugging and get it right
Quest log space warnings built... does not yet work properly either - will continue debugging
Auto Vend Junk built. BE AWARE that this needs to be explicitly enabled in the options panel (/mtool) and tat it has NO intelligence. If there are any gray quality items in your bags and you open a dialog with a vendor, those items will be sold. There is no "blacklist/whitelist" for this one. I wanted a simple "sell my junk" feature, and this is it.
Auto Repair built. Works beautifully.

  • v0.1.06 - 2008/11/16

  • Found out why quest qompletion for non reward choice is not broadcasting ... Hand't implemented GetQuestReward() because I didn't want it to exactly clone reward choices in case you're like me and run different classes.
  • Took a peek at QuestGuru to see how they did autocomplete quests, and implemented something similar.
  • Added an option to clone reward choices. So, for those who run all the same classes, you can really quickly outfit your toons. For those who want to pick manually, turn the clone option off. By default, cloning is off.
  • v0.1.05 - 2008/11/16

  • Continued refinement of remote procedure calls... trying to clean it up as my concept of "masterless" actions seems to be working. To that end, I created rpcCommandSend() to broker the messages
  • Started working on quest broadcast - starting with code from ZQB and adding my message storm blocking so taht it safely shares gossip no matter which party member does the dialog
  • Did a LOT of cleanup - took out some "turds" left over from when I was playing with the Ace3 Tutorial
  • v0.1.04 - 2008/11/15

  • thoroughly testing the taxi follow functionality
  • Slightly redesigned the taxi mode follow function and made it a lot simpler in the process
  • v0.1.03 - 2008/11/13

  • Beginning work on it as I grind away in wotlk
  • Added config option for auto follow flight point
  • Got the auto follow taxi system working (flight points)
  • There were issues with creating "message storms" with the taxi, so use this feature with care until I've tested it more extensively
  • v0.1.02 - 2008/11/12

  • Too many fixes to list - basically, debugging from the "dry coding" I did originally
  • Got the Auto cancel Duel working
  • Got Localization (enUS) working
  • Got it integrated with the Blizard Addon Config system
  • v0.1.01 - 2008/11/11

  • Initial Addon creation - dry-coded while wow was down, so it was TOTALLY broken

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Nov 18, 2008
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Nov 18, 2008