History / v4.3.378 BETA

v4.3.378 BETA


  • ToC to 40300.
  • In a future build, the "Fonts" option will be removed from the "Skins" panel and be replaced with a "Fonts" panel that will allow users more control over the fonts.


  • The following methods are now available to the API:
    • :GetSkin(SkinID)
    • :GetSkins()
    • :Register(Addon, Callback, arg) - Registers an add-on to be notified when the add-on or group skin has changed. The callback is fired as Callback(arg, Group, SkinID, Gloss, Backdrop, Colors, Fonts).


  • A new attribute, 'EmptyColor', is available to the 'Normal' layer. This attribute takes a standard color table as the value and sets the color of the 'EmptyTexture', if specified.
  • The 'Blizzard' skin should now correctly lower the alpha of the 'Normal' layer when the slot is empty.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some poor copy/pasting in the ButtonFacade module.
  • Removed a reverse load dependency from Masque.
  • Fixed an issue with the new 'FloatingBG' texture always displaying on MultiBar buttons.

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Date created
Jul 08, 2012
Last updated
Jul 08, 2012