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Masque is a button enhancement engine that will skin the buttons of add-ons that support its features. Note: You must have an add-on that supports Masque installed in order to use it. Installation Browse to your add-ons folder. This should be located at World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns. Remove any existing Masque and/or ButtonFacade folders. Download the package. Extract or copy the contents of the package to your add-ons folder, exactly as they appear in the package. Log into the game. At...
Skin List StormFX StormFX Sep 09, 2012
The following is a growing list of skins available for Masque. If you know of a skin that is not listed, please leave a comment below. Note: Some skins may not be up to date with the current version of Masque. If you find a skin that is outdated, please notify the author or leave a comment below. Those skins that are compatible with Masque will be listed in bold text. Abstract Aion Apathy Aperture Cainyx Caith Cards ClassButtons DaedUI Darion Dark Dek Dek2 Demigod Diablo III DSMFade Elegance...
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