Change log


  • ToC to 50200.


  • ToC to 50100.


  • Updated ToC and skins to 5.0.
  • Allow no-lib packages.



  • The "Fonts" feature has been removed until such a time when better support can be implemented.
  • The "Gloss" texture should no longer appear on empty buttons.
  • Eliminated a bit more overhead.


  • A new method, :GetSpellAlert("Shape") is available. This will return the paths to the "Glow" and "Ants" textures associated with the specified shape. Ex: Glow, Ants = MSQ:GetSpellAlert("Shape") [Dargen]


  • Really old skins may no longer display text layers correctly. These skins will need to be updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Added a possible taint fix. [Dargen]

v4.3.378 BETA


  • ToC to 40300.
  • In a future build, the "Fonts" option will be removed from the "Skins" panel and be replaced with a "Fonts" panel that will allow users more control over the fonts.


  • The following methods are now available to the API:
    • :GetSkin(SkinID)
    • :GetSkins()
    • :Register(Addon, Callback, arg) - Registers an add-on to be notified when the add-on or group skin has changed. The callback is fired as Callback(arg, Group, SkinID, Gloss, Backdrop, Colors, Fonts).


  • A new attribute, 'EmptyColor', is available to the 'Normal' layer. This attribute takes a standard color table as the value and sets the color of the 'EmptyTexture', if specified.
  • The 'Blizzard' skin should now correctly lower the alpha of the 'Normal' layer when the slot is empty.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some poor copy/pasting in the ButtonFacade module.
  • Removed a reverse load dependency from Masque.
  • Fixed an issue with the new 'FloatingBG' texture always displaying on MultiBar buttons.



  • ButtonFacade has been renamed to Masque and has been partially rewritten. It should be backwards-compatible with ButtonFacade-enabled add-ons and includes a replacement ButtonFacade add-on that will pre-load Masque for those add-ons still using the old API.
  • Masque's options are now load-on-demand. An option is available to pre-load them but this option is disabled by default.
  • Masque's slash commands are /msq and /masque.
  • Masque now supports LibDualSpec-1.0.
  • Add-ons and their groups can now be disabled. Any group (including the Global group) that is disabled will also disable its child groups.
  • Masque includes a debug mode. When enabled, Masque will throw Lua errors when it encounters API or skin errors. This feature can be toggled via the options window or by passing the debug parameter to the slash commands.


  • Masque's API is now available via the LibStub("Masque") call.
  • Add-ons no longer need to save skin settings. This is now handled by Masque.
  • To prevent excessive overhead, a button's layers (ButtonData) are no longer parsed when the button is skinned but rather when the button is added to a group.
  • The following methods are available to the API and function as they previously did:
    • :Group('Addon' [, 'Group'])
    • :AddSkin('SkinID', {SkinData} [, Replace])
    • :GetNormal({Button}) (Previously 'GetNormalTexture')
    • :GetGloss({Button}) (Previously 'GetGlossLayer')
    • :GetBackdrop({Button}) (Previously 'GetBackdropLayer')
    • :AddSpellAlert('Shape', 'Glow', 'Ants') - NEW - Adds a spell alert texture set for the specified shape.
    • All other methods have been deprecated and are in a temporary state until add-on authors update to the new API.
  • The following methods are available to the Group API and function as they previously did:
    • :AddButton({Button} [, {ButtonData})
    • :RemoveButton({Button})
    • :Delete()
    • :ReSkin()
    • :GetColor('Layer') (Previously 'GetlayerColor')
    • :GetLayer({Button}, 'Layer') - NEW - Returns the specified layer for the button passed.
    • All other methods have been either deprecated or are intended for internal use only.


  • The default skin has been cleaned up and now looks better. (Maul)
  • Skins can now use a random texture for the Normal layer.
  • Added the Duration text layer for buff/debuff buttons.
  • Skin elements no longer support a Scale attribute. Use Width and Height.
  • The Icon layer no longer supports a BlendMode attribute.
  • Skins can no longer hide text layers.
  • Text layers now accept the JustifyH and JustifyV attributes.
  • The LBF_Version entry has been replaced with Masque_Version. (Currently 40200) Make SURE your skins have this attribute. This tells Masque that the skin is up to date.
  • Skins now support a Shape parameter that will allow the spell alert animation to fit the button style. Masque includes a Circle texture set and includes a method to add new spell alert textures.
  • Skins now support the Version and Author keys. A future version of Masque may include a panel to display skin information.
  • Skins no longer have to specify the Normal layer as being Static. Instead, this is now the default behavior. If a skin author wants to use the built-in state changes, they can force this by explicitly setting the Static attribute to false.
  • Skins can now use the EmptyTexture and EmptyCoords attributes for the Normal layer even if not using the default state changes.
  • Text layers now accept the following attributes:
    • Font ("Path\To\Font")
    • FontSize
    • Note that fonts must be included with the skin and are disabled by default. Users have the option whether or not to enable skin fonts.

Known Issues

  • Many add-ons and skins will need to be updated. Be patient.

Please see the documentation on the project page for more information.


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Mar 26, 2013
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