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I often got worried if I really sent the money or some super item to whom i planned to... And since I haven't found any addon tracking sent mails, I started to write this one...

Addon links sent mail info into chat frame (with item summary, subject, etc..) and keeps history which you can show by /mailoutbox history command (yeah you can open many and compare, check, sort..each separately). You can click column headers to sort view a bit. And there is a config page with a bit of settings... As I am pretty inexperienced with wow GUI programming please report any and all crazy behavior i could have created or omitted... (the bug tracker is good place to do so)

BTW, I am developing this addon for fun and cause I like to do so, but sure, if you were feeeling some small donation would be working incentive, well you would be bit right


1.4.1.release Minor fixes, added currency and token tracking

1.4.0.release Simple toc update

1.3.1.release: Added bit of coloring to outgoing mail recipient, name gets red if you ignore him and green if you sent more then 5 mails to him already, white other times

1.3.0.release: Updates for MoP

1.2.2.release: Small changes to gold tracking

1.2.1.release: Small bugfixes, small ah info code

1.2.0.release: All seem working fine atm, but pls report any strange behavioral problems

1.1.8.beta: I added checks for missing Item links

1.1.7.beta: I have added bit of Lib Data code, so you can get its button on Titan panel (or others)..but well it is first time so it can be buggy

1.1.6.beta: Hotfixed nil returned as Item count on inbox mails (it seems it returns 0 sometimes and nil sometimes)

1.1.5.beta: Added basic tracking of incoming mails. They get logged first time you read them.


  • better sorting
  • list filtering
  • old mail archiving
  • even older mail deleting
  • more compact item view in list
  • make item links in list to link properly :(
  • proper window resizing

I know first step is not a big leap..but tbh even having basic info in chat frame about mail i sent is great :) I hope to get it more intelligent and useful but this is start..ATM addon just writes time, receiver and subject of mail after sending

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Date created
Jul 13, 2011
Last updated
May 24, 2014